2001 - 2006 3500 Sprinter Van Wheel Simulators - Stainless Steel - 15 inch Wheels

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2001 - 2006 3500 Sprinter Van Wheel Simulators - Stainless Steel - 15-inch Wheels

What kind of steel are these wheel simulators made with?

They are made with 304L steel. It is high-quality a stainless steel product that is known for its ability to resist rusting or corroding.

How will these affect the torque of the lug nuts?

The manufacturer tells us that the product will have no effect on your torque or the torque of the lug nuts. If this is a concern of yours then you do not need to worry.

I have the over the lug mounting thing. I'm worried that I won't be able to use this thing. Do you have any information on whether or not I can use it?

We were told that they had this in mind when they designed this product. They are designed to work with the over-the-lug mounting systems that you have right now. You will not have any problems working with these wheels simulators.

Why 304 stainless steel?

304 stainless steel is well known for its ability to resist rust. It is the mixture of chromium and nickel that gives it the ability to resist rust as well as it does.

Why not use 316 stainless steel?

One of the reasons why is that 316 steel has a higher cost. That cost would make the wheel simulators much more expensive. Also, it might be a little bit of overkill because 316 stainless steel is, mostly, used for maritime vehicles. If there is not constant contact between the metal and the water then 316 is more protection than you need.

So, these will fit dually wheels then?

They will fit dually 3500 wheels according to the manufacturer. we have not tested this ourselves but that is the official stance from the manufacturer.

What years is this thing for again?

They will fit a Sprinter van that is 2001-2006.

How many am I getting if I get this set?

You are getting a full set. You get 2 front wheel simulators and 2 back wheel simulators.