2015+ Ford Transit Rear Door Base Unit: Modular Tire & Box Rack Solution

$1,295.00 - $1,500.00
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Modular Ford Transit Base Unit: Tailored for Offroad Enthusiasts

Step up your offroad adventure game with our Ford Transit Base Unit. Precision-engineered for versatility and functionality, this rear door rack seamlessly mounts onto factory-designated locations, ensuring that you keep your van's aesthetics intact without any drill marks.

Key Highlights:

  1. Foundation for Expansion: The Base Unit is your starting point. Integrate a BackPack plate, horizontal or vertical bike racks, or additional storage boxes as your needs evolve. Tailor it today, and modify tomorrow – it's designed to grow with your adventures.

  2. Durable Finish: Adorned with a powder-coated textured black finish, the unit exudes rugged elegance while promising resistance against the elements.

  3. Preserve Your Van's Integrity: Say no to drilling. Our bolt-on design safeguards against potential dents or damage, ensuring the rear door of your van remains pristine.

  4. Safety First: The unit has been crafted with compatibility in mind, ensuring it doesn't interfere with your van's backup sensors.

  5. Sturdy Support: With a dynamic weight capacity of 200 lbs. (evenly distributed) and the inclusion of 8″ support posts, this unit promises both reliability and practicality.

  6. Perfect Fit Every Time: Whether you're rocking 180 or 270-degree hinges, or have a 2015+ Ford Transit or Storyteller, our Base Unit is the perfect fit.



Aluminess Rear Door Solutions: Tire and Box Racks for Ford Transit

For the Ford Transit enthusiasts who love to modify, our Aluminess Rear Door Tire and Box racks provide the perfect solution. Many opt to relocate the spare tire to make space for auxiliary fuel or freshwater tanks. Our new tire rack not only leverages factory bolts for easy installation but also guarantees zero drilling, preserving the integrity of your door.

For those who wish to prioritize storage, the tire rack can effortlessly accommodate one of our signature storage boxes. And if you're aiming for peak storage and versatility, consider getting a matching rack for the passenger side.


Please Note: Tire Racks are exclusively available for the Driver Side, while Box Racks can be customized for either the Driver or Passenger side. Equip your Ford Transit with our top-tier storage solutions and venture forth with confidence!