2019+ Mercedes Sprinter Hidden Winch Mount

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For owners of the 2019 and newer Mercedes Sprinter seeking an inconspicuous yet robust solution, our Hidden Winch Mount is the ideal choice. Designed with precision, this winch mount seamlessly integrates behind the factory plastic, offering a sleek aesthetic without compromising functionality. While it's been meticulously tested to accommodate a powerful 12,000-lb winch, users should be aware of certain compatibility restrictions, particularly concerning adaptive cruise control and collision prevention sensors.

Essential Features & Compatibility Insights:

  • Optimal Strength: Specifically tailored and tested for a formidable 12,000-lb winch capacity.
  • Compatibility Considerations: Not presently suited for Sprinters equipped with adaptive cruise control/collision prevention sensors without a separate sensor relocation kit.
  • Recommendations & Limitations: The use of a hawse fairlead and/or license plate relocation kit is advised due to potential interference issues. Please note that at this juncture, the Light Bar and Winch Mount/Front Receiver cannot be used in tandem. If your vehicle is equipped with the front collision prevention sensor and/or adaptive cruise control, a sensor relocation kit will be necessary.


(Please note: Winch is not included)



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