Air Filter Facts

Sprinter Van Air Filters

Patented Filter Technology

To address the need for extra protection from dust and dirt with washable/reusable oil-impregnated cotton gauze filters, a new filtration technology was developed. This new filtration technology is aptly called Pro-GUARD 7. 5 layers of progressively finer mesh medical grade cotton gauze with micro fibers that attract smaller and smaller particles as air passes through is combined with 2 layers of random-porosity non-woven synthetic polyester fabric. This 7 layer combination of cotton gauze and non-woven polyester fabric is sandwiched between 2 layers of epoxy coated aluminum wire mesh. Because of compression ignition in diesel engines, tolerance are much tighter than in a gasoline spark ignition engine. These tight tolerances require clean air and lots of it. Diesel engines require 7 times more air than a gasoline engine of equivalent size. The patented Pro-GUARD 7 filter media delivers more cool clean air needed for extended engine life, better fuel economy and additional power.

Maximum Protection

When you use your vehicle in a severe duty or work application, it is important to give the engine a high level of protection from dirt and dust. With 7 layers of media, Pro-GUARD 7 is able to protect your engine at level that is unsurpassed by any of the washable/reusable filters. Even fine dust is effectively filtered out and kept from entering the engine intake. When your Sprinter needs to make it through the long haul, Pro-GUARD 7 will offer the protection you need.

Better Air Flow & More Power

Allowing more cool, clean, unrestricted airflow is a key element in increasing engine performance. Pro-GUARD 7 filtration technology allows airflow that matches the performance of our competitors cotton-gauze filters. Increasing the amount of air the engine breathes and doing it with less effort increases horsepower and torque. As an engine performs more efficiently, it improves fuel mileage. Better airflow through the engine also translates to lower exhaust temperatures which is critical to prolonging the life of the turbo. Pro-GUARD 7 offers this level of performance without sacrificing filtration efficiency. Giving your engine more air and letting it breathe easier translates into more power. Because the engine gets the air it needs without impediment, it gets it faster and with greater velocity. Plenty of quick, fast air translates to faster turbo spool up, better acceleration and more torque. You will especially feel the power when you are towing and climbing a hill.

High Efficiency

Efficiency refers to a filters ability to efficiently filter out dust and dirt particles from entering the air intake of the vehicle over time. Pro-GUARD 7 was developed with the need for high efficiency in mind. There is course dust efficiency and fine dust efficiency. The generally accepted SAE standard for filtration efficiency is 99.5% fine dust. 99.50% course dust efficiency is not difficult to achieve. Typical performance cotton gauze filters will give you the airflow you need, but they sacrifice filtration efficiency to do so. They achieve the 99.5% course dust efficiency but fall far short of 99.5% fine dust efficiency. Fine dust is what you want to keep out of the newer and tighter tolerance turbo diesel engines. Pro-GUARD 7 has been tested to surpass 99.5% fine dust filtration efficiency while delivering high airflow.

Greater Dust Holding Capacity & Longer Service Intervals

Holding more dust means that you will have longer intervals before needing to service your filter. The progressive nature of the cotton gauze and the deep pleats enable Pro-GUARD 7 to hold over 11 times the dust of a paper filter before needing to be cleaned or serviced. The layers of cotton and synthetic media are able to hold the dirt while still allowing air to pass through. Paper and foam filter elements become clogged quickly as dirt particles deposit onto the face of the filter media…that means less air getting to your engine and more frequent and shorter service cycles. The less often a filter requires cleaning or service, the better. The more dust a filter holds, the less often the filter has to be serviced. With Pro-GUARD 7 filter media’s great dust holding capacity, typical service interval is 30,000 – 40,000 miles in normal driving conditions and 20,000 – 30,000 miles in severe dust environments. Considering the maintenance costs involved with work and fleet vehicles, minimizing the frequency of maintenance translates to a better bottom line.

Better Value

Extended service intervals, higher airflow, high filtration efficiency, better fuel economy and better protection help with the total cost of vehicle ownership and operation. Value is more than what you pay for a part. It is the combined impact of the part on the total cost of owning the vehicle. This involves not only the financial impact but also the driving pleasure you receive from the part. The Pro-GUARD 7 filter media offers tremendous value by increasing power and fuel economy, lowering maintenance costs, and providing years of great driving pleasure!


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