Alcoa Mercedes Sprinter Van 3500 Four Wheel Package - 16"x5.5"

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About Alcoa:
We invented the forged aluminum wheel in 1948, and we continue to advance technology to deliver breakthrough solutions that make trucks, trailers and buses lighter, more fuel efficient and sharper-looking – leading the way to a greener, brighter future for the commercial transportation industry. Our forged aluminum wheels are a leading choice for commercial trucks and mass transportation vehicles because they reduce weight, save fuel, and improve image.

Sprinter 3500 Four Wheel Package - 16x5.5 Includes Durabright

What are these wheels made of?
The wheels are made of aluminum.

I've heard that aluminum has the ability to dissipate heat well? Was that a concern when they designed this wheel?
Actually, yes, the information we have specifically notes that the Aluminum of this wheel does give your wheel the opportunity to vent heat through the hand holes provided and the makeup of the wheel itself.

What does the J type wheel designation mean?
J means that the rim flange is J-shaped. J shapes are the most common for passenger vehicles.

Wait, you said that the weight is reduced between these and steel wheels. Do you have any idea how much they are reduced?
The manufacturer tells us that the weight difference is around 12 lbs.

How does that affect the load rating of the wheel?
It does not affect it at all. You still get a load rating of 2337 lbs.

I'm not a great driver... Does it protect against damage?
The manufacturer says it provides some resistance to curb damage. Please do not expect miracles or for it not to damage the rims in some way. However, the manufacturer does say that the rim will give some resistance to curb damage.

Can you tell me which vehicles this wheel package will fit?
Sure, you can put this on the following vehicles:


    • Mercedes-Benz 3500 Cab Chassis and Sprinter Van


    • Freightliner 3500 Cab Chassis and Cargo Vans


    • Dodge 3500 Sprinter Van