10/08/2021 We were told by Amp the Boards were shipping 5 weeks ago, they are late.


There are alot of delays and shortages.

We reach out, every 72 hours asking for updates. As we convert AMP 2007-2018 Boards to fit the 2019+

I have stop taking orders for these Board.

I orders with 4 Different Suppliers, as well as Amp to clear all shelves of all available to assure the quickest delivery of your Purchase.

Email [email protected] if you wish to cancel or refund, or would just like to squeeze the turnips.



  1. Jasper J.  8/25
  2. John H.
  3. Jorge M.
  4. Jim C.
  5. Marc V.
  6. Jeff S.
  7. Brent T.
  8. David B.
  9. Bo M.
  10. James M.
  11. Joan T.
  12. Ted W.
  13. Ben G. 9/20