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Backwoods Adventure Mods 2019+ Sprinter Van Rear Bumper

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About Backwoods Adventure Mods:
The Backwoods Adventure Mods family is an American made overland accessory manufacturer based out of Springdale, Arkansas. We design and manufacture our own bumpers, rear swingouts, ladders, roof racks, storage boxes, and more for the van and midsized 4x4 market. At Backwoods, we use the industry's latest technology, robotics, tooling, and other equipment to ensure a consistent and efficient product every time. one of the special products is Backwoods Adventure Mods 2019+ Sprinter Van Rear Bumper.
We’re different on purpose. Most manufacturers either use steel or aluminum only on their products. We recognize and see the value in offering a truly hybrid product. We use steel for strength in all the right places, but incorporate aluminum wherever possible in order to save weight and prevent rust.

Backwoods Adventure Mods Sprinter Van Rear Bumper | 2019-Present
This product is compatible with all Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vans made after 2019. This includes both the 2500 and the 3500 versions.
This product ships via freight, all orders must be shipped to a commercial location with a dock for unloading. If your shipping address does not meet this requirement then you may be subject to a $100 charge to cover additional freight costs.


    • Allows for full use of rear doors

    • Compatible with blind-spot assist sensors

    • Compatible with OEM hitches

    • Black texture powder coat

    • Full replacement bumper

    • Aluminum construction for weight savings

    • Comes with built-in step

    • Includes 2 light pockets

    • Maintains departure angle and ground clearance


What vehicles is this bumper compatible with?
This bumper is compatible with all Sprinter Vans made after 2014. This includes the 2019 version, select your Sprinter Van year from the drop-down menu.
Can I install additional headlights on this bumper?
Yes, this bumper comes with 2 light pockets.
Can this bumper replace my factory Sprinter Van bumper?
Yes. It is specifically designed with strong reinforcement for those who spend their time in the outdoors.
What is this bumper made out of?
This bumper is made out of aluminum.