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Deluxe PolyPRO3™ Mercedes Sprinter RV Van Covers - 117"

$214.95 - $269.95
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Constructed with robust PolyPRO3™ fabric, our RV covers by Classic Accessories offer superior, streamlined protection, distinguishing themselves with resilience and durability. These covers are specially designed for Class B Motorhomes, with sizes accommodating vehicles from 20' to 27' long and 117" from ground to roof. They feature a thick triple-ply top, ensuring your RV remains shielded from rain, snow, dirt, and scratches, providing all-season defense. Whether you are dealing with the scorching sun or a snowstorm, this cover guarantees your vehicle’s protection.

Enhanced with adjustable tension panels and elasticized hem corners, the cover promises a custom-like fit. Its design includes air vents that minimize wind stress and interior moisture, preserving the integrity of your RV. For convenient access to RV doors and engine areas, it incorporates zippered panels, and the integrated straps and toss bag system facilitate quick installation. Each cover comes with a stuff sack, and our hassle-free warranty program assures your peace of mind, with our Customer Support Team ready to assist you with any issues related to workmanship or materials within the warranty period.

  • Custom-Like Fit: Adjustable tension panels and elasticized hem corners offer a tailored fit, suitable for Class B Motorhomes ranging from 20' to 27' in length and 117" in height.
  • All-Season Protection: The thick triple-ply top safeguards your RV from various elements like rain, snow, and dirt, ensuring optimal protection throughout the year.
  • Easy Access & Installation: Features zippered panels for easy access to doors and engine areas, and integrated straps and a toss bag system allow for swift installation.


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