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Providing A Safe And More Peaceful Experience

Our tire pressure systems continuously monitor tire pressure and temperature and alert RVers to potential catastrophic tire failures to help provide a safe and pleasant trip.

Benefits Of A Doran 360RV™ Tire Pressure Monitoring System

  • Reliable performance, easy installation and simple programming of the desired baseline tire pressures for all of the tires that you want to monitor

  • Multiple visual and audible alarms, including a FastLeak™ warning (activated with a pressure drop of 4.5psi in less than 16 seconds) that provides real-time notification of a serious tire pressure problem averting and accident and avoidable damage to your vehicle

  • Extremely durable spin welded sensors include a potting material which encapsulates and stabilizes the internal components and are manufactured with a unique three-piece seal design to maximize valve core depression and minimize leaks

  • Industry leading two-year warranty

  • Metal Valve Stems will be needed for this system to work properly (not included)

360RV™ Components

Wireless Valve Stem Mounted Sensors


  • Our sensors have been tested and passed multiple SAE standards related to vibration, temperature, mechanical shock and chemical resistance at an independent A2LA testing facility

  • The housing is made with a thermal resistant, high-impact nylon that is designed to hold up against the most difficult road conditions and temperature extremes

  • The internal components are protected by a high-grade potting material to provide component security and an air tight fit

  • Doran’s unique three-piece seal design maximizes valve core depression and minimizes the potential for leaks

  • A long-lasting lithium-Ion battery provides up to five years of reliable power to the sensors

  • The sensors are waterproof, weatherproof and spin-welded to prevent corrosion and provide long-life

  • We intentionally avoided the option to offer replaceable batteries due to the multiple types of problems that we found with ensuring a consistent seal that will keep the sensor air tight and keep water and debris away from the electronics in the sensor

Simple Programming

  • Each sensor is laser etched with a unique serial number to make programming and installation easy

  • Doran's wireless sensors are programmed to each tire location with a specific baseline tire pressure that you want to maintain in your tires

Easy Installation

  • The sensors are simply screwed on to the valve stems of the appropriate tire to activate the RF signal and transmit data after programming the three-digit code into the monitor



  • The small footprint monitor (roughly the size of a dollar bill) with the large digital LCD screen is backlit and comes pre-wired with a 12-volt plug for easy installation

  • The display screen can be programmed to your preference with your desired tire locations and orientation

  • A Green Means Good® indicator light provides at-a-glance confidence that the system is working properly and the tires are at the proper pressures

  • The Doran 360RV system comes with a pedestal mounting kit and visor clip/fastening tape kit to provide you with multiple options for the monitor/display

  • There is an optional “sleep mode” that can be activated by hard wiring the monitor which will suspend any alarms until the ignition is turned on

Types of Alerts (audible and visual)

  • A patent pending FastLeak™ Alert is triggered with a 4.5 psi pressure drop in less than 16 seconds which lets the driver know that there has been a sudden decrease in pressure that needs to be addressed

  • Standard Low Pressure warnings are activated at 12.5% and 25% below the programmed baseline tire pressure

  • A High Temperature alarm goes off when the temperature of a sensor reaches 175° F which indicates a potential problem with the tire

  • An optional High Pressure setting can be set to provide a warning when the pressure reaches 25% above the baseline tire pressure

Fifth-Wheel, Trailer And Tow Vehicle Tire Pressure Monitoring

In addition to your RV, the tires on a fifth-wheel, trailer or tow vehicle can also be monitored, reducing the risk of axle or rim damage from driving on an undetected blowout. Monitoring of a towed vehicle is a standard available feature that is built-in to the Doran 360RV tire pressure monitoring system.

At times, it can become necessary to add an Interior Signal Booster (#3624) with a diesel pusher or tow vehicle application. The Interior Signal Booster is wired into a 12-volt power source in a closet toward the back of the coach and it will automatically pick up the signals from the sensors and transmit them to the monitor without any additional programming steps. Another option is our Remote Antenna Kit (#3623) which attaches to the in-cab display. The 10' or 35' cable is fed beneath the vehicle and mounted as far back as possible with a mounting bracket. A small whip antenna is attached to the other end of the cable and pointed toward the ground to boost sensor signals.