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Fiamma F65s and F80s Awning Adapter Brackets - Mercedes Sprinter Vans

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About Fiamma:

Fiamma is known worldwide as a pioneer and leading company in manufacturing technical accessories for the recreational vehicle market. Fiamma has more than 100 patents registered in Europe, USA, Japan and China. You can imagine the journey you want, if your vehicle mounts Fiamma products. The quality of each piece and professional assistance will make every departure a taste of dolce vita. Because Italians know how to fully enjoy every moment on the road. one of the special products in Fimma is Fiamma F65s and F80s Awning Adapter Brackets - Mercedes Sprinter Vans

Fiamma F65S and F80S Awning Adapter Brackets - Mercedes Sprinter Vans
If you order an F65s, F65 Eagle, or F80s awning from Sprinter Store, brackets will already be included!
Email if you need to know if we have an awning in STOCK!

This product allows for a smooth installation of either the Fiamma F65s or the F80s Awnings. Eliminates the need for drilling into your van's roof. Options for Sprinter Vans with or without OEM Roof Rails available.
Manufacturer: Fiamma
Compatibility: Sprinter Vans made 2007-2020 (2500 and 3500) (144"" wheelbase and 170"" wheelbase)
What Is Included:

    • Sprinter Vans WITH OEM Roof Rails:

        • 2 pcs. 40cm brackets

        • 1 pc. 12cm bracket


    • Sprinter Vans WITHOUT OEM Roof Rails:

        • 1 pc. 12cm bracket

        • 1 pc. 53cm bracket

        • 1 pc. 60cm bracket


What vehicles can you use these adapters on?
This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans made 2007-2020. This includes both the 144"" and 170"" wheelbases.

What comes with this kit?
Here is what is in the kit.
- 2 pcs. 40cm brackets
- 1 pc. 12cm bracket
You will need a Sikaflex 252 in order to install the brackets.

What is a Sikaflex 252?
It is an adhesive that will bond and seal when you apply it and it will bond to a bunch of substrates.