Ford Transit Swivel Seat Adapter Parking Brake Kit For Vans

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Swivel Seat
2015 - 2019 Ford Transit Full Sized Van Front Seat Parking Brake Adapter

Parking brake lowering bracket for all 2015 - 2019 Ford Transit Full Sized Vans. Lowers parking brake so the seat can swivel over the brake. Professional installation recommended. Instructions are not included.

Includes all hardware needed.

color: Black. Imported. Usually ships within 1-2 days of order.
Please allow an additional 1-5 business days for delivery to most US addresses.

Q: Why do you not provide the instructions for the installation? How complicated is it? Do I have to go under the van and make modifications to the placement or length of the cable?
A: You may be able to find instructions online for this, but likely it's not difficult. The manufacture has not provided any instructions and we have not had a Transit in here to test fit one.