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  • We have the Leaf Springs nailed down
  • We are getting all the components from Germany before the end of December.
  • We are manufacturing in the USA Starting January 1st.
  • We have purchased a laser and plasma cutter; Glide Rite has reached an agreement with the Sprinter Store.
  • We will be manufacturing the Glide Rite for North America!
  • We are working on this and will be readjusting costs for your patience, as Manufacturing them ourselves will make it more economically affordable for you!

We are working on getting 10 kits for September

so we would be able to fill possibly soon TBD.

  1. LUKE F.——–ETA July 15TH

  2. WES S.———ETA July 30TH

  3. ALLEN B.——–ETA  August  15TH

  4. Darrell J.———–ETA August 30TH

  5. Gary C.———–ETA Sept 17TH

  6. Gordon F.———ETA Sept 30TH

  7. Kenneth T.———ETA Oct 30TH

  8. Paul L. ——— ETA Nov 15th

  9. Gary ChP——– ETA NOV 30th

  10. JB=2 kits 2017 Sprinter Van 3500 Glide Rite Air Bag Suspension System (4 Bag)

  11. ML=4 kits 2019 Sprinter Van 3500 Glide Rite Air Bag Suspension System (4 Bag)

UPDATED  5/29/2021