NEW Canadian Site Launched!

Live in Canada? We have great news for you! Check out the new site we made just for you.


What’s the news?

We started a new location in British Columbia, Canada.

Can I visit it? I mean the place in Canada.

It is just a warehouse at the moment. There is not much to see there, however, we can tell you that prices will get better in 2019 as we move inventory to Canada.

How often do you add products?

We are adding products daily. You might not see them right away but we are working behind the scenes to get more products on the site.

Is there free shipping on the site?

There are several items on the site, right now, that ship free to people who live in Canada just like you. Head over to and take a look.

Are the van covers available there?

Yes. You can find the van covers there including many of the most popular products we have on this site.