Mercedes Metris All Weather Mat Front Two Piece

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Lloyd Mats, a retailer focused on quality and innovation, produces highly durable carpets and protective mats for the automotive aftermarket. Incorporated in 1974, the company began to produce car mats in the U.S. in 1978, including custom fit cargo and floor mats, offering a choice of over 1,000 licensed emblems and over 12,000 vehicle-specific patterns. one of the special products is the Mercedes Metris All Weather Mat Front Two Piece

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2016-2019 Mercedes Metris Rubbertite All Weather Mat - Front Two Piece
This product is compatible with all Mercedes Benz Metris Vans made after 2016.
I get involved with a lot of mud, sand, water, etc. I'm wondering how well this will hold up to my kind of lifestyle. What do you think?
They will take the elements you happen to step on well. They can do this because of a few important things they did to the mat. They made the mat have what they call "wells". The wells capture water, mud, snow, and etc.
If those work like they sound they do then that would probably make it much easier to clean these mats?
Yes. You are correct. They get pushed into the wells and you only have to spray them to get the contents out. If you compare that with regular mats that just suck up the liquid or dirt then you can really see how much time this might save you. Keep in mind that this product is made of rubber and not fabric. Rubber will not absorb the liquid and grime as easily as fabric-based mats.
They really do fit well then? Or am I going to have edges where it is not covering my floor?
The manufacturer says that they designed to be as close to edge as possible. We cannot promise you will get 100% coverage but you should find that it covers your floor better than most other solutions in the marketplace right now.
I hate it when my mats slip around my cabin area. Is there something that keeps these from doing that altogether?
Yes. The manufacturer designed the mats to have what they call, "nibs" underneath them that help hold the mats in place.
How well do these work in cold weather? Like, am I going to get up one morning and have my mats be super stiff?
The manufacturer says that these resist the sub-freezing temperatures very well and should not cause a problem in cold weather.
How much depth do these mats actually have?
The mats have a quarter of an inch of thickness.
Do the wells also add a non-skid/slide feature too?
Yes. The wells also offer a measure of anti-skid and sliding properties.
What are the mats made of?
They are made up of a heavy-weight composite rubber.
Do these have any hooks or anything else to keep them in place in addition to the nibs?
They do have install anchor hooks in the box.