Mercedes Sprinter Conversion Van Gps Tracking System + 1 Year Gsm

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Sprinter Van 3G GPS Tracker + 1 Year GSM

FAQ's about this Sprinter Van 3g GPS Tracker:

Is this thing only using Bluetooth like the other trackers out there?
No. It actually uses four tracking methods so that it can locate your item indoors or outdoors. The four methods are GPS, A-GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi.

Is it actually unlimited distance or does it have a limited range like Tile or TrackR?
It does have that range according to the manufacturer. We do know that Tile and TrackR only have, up to, the 50-foot range. It is because it has the ability to use GPS, A-GPS, GSM, and Wi-fi. It also mentions being able to use Bluetooth in some materials.

How accurate is the GPS?
The manufacturer says that it is accurate up to 30-150 feet or 10-50 meters.

Does this have wi-fi and Bluetooth?
Yes, but the range is limited to 10-60 feet or 3-20 meters if you use the metric system.

Can I take the sim card out?
The demo unit did not seem to show a way of doing this without breaking into the internals of the device.

I'm a little worried that my speedometer is off, does it keep track of my speed and warn if im going over the limit?
Yes. You can get speed alerts based on a certain speed. However, keep in mind there are definite limitations that GPS has for doing this since the product only updates your location every minute. There is no real substitute for a speedometer and the device should not be used as such.

What is this about a geo-fence this thing has? What is that supposed to be?
A geo-fence is like a regular fence but, in this case, you will be alerted if your van is leaving a set fence area you pre-set.

Can I set this thing to alert me when the thing I put this on, probably my Sprinter, gets moving?
Yes. You can set it so that you are alerted when and if your Sprinter is moving.

If this thing is on stand by then does it update?
Yes. It will update up to 6 times a day even in standby mode.

I'm planning to get a lot of these because I have a lot I want to keep track of... How many of these things can I track on one account?
The official answer we received about this question is up to 100 of these devices on one account.

If I want someone to know where I'm going but they don't use the app then is there a way to do that?
We were told that you can send a link via email to have someone follow your item's live location. They said path but it was not clear if it shows a path or just a location. Keep in mind that this device is set to update the location of whatever it is attached to every minute.

Is there a way to attach this to my vehicle without having to install it inside my vehicle? I have a thing about that I don't want to talk about but I still want this thing. Is there a way to do that?
Yes. The manufacturer supplies a magnet that can be attached to the bottom of the GPS item. Keep in mind, the demo product that we received did not show an immediate way to attach this to the bottom of the product. We did not get much time with the item as of yet. However, we can say that it seems like you might have to glue it to the bottom of the regular door. There is a space to put it in the area but we did not see an adhesive of any kind to lock it into place. If you can get the magnet placed on the unit then you will find that it is relatively strong. However, that is not to say that a random bump or debris of some kind does not have the ability to knock it off your vehicle.

So, I can literally attach this to anything I like?
Yes. You could. You can use the clip to attach it to something. Keep in mind that this does not mean that it will not fall off but it can be attached to anything. The clip door is exactly what it sounds like and, although the clip feels solid, it has the same weakness any other clip would have that you can find in the marketplace. However, people have attached this to their bags, their belt, put it in their pocket, and even to their pet's collar.

Is this water-resistant?
Yes with a cover. The product includes a silicon cover. The product, itself, without the cover, is not water-resistant.

What if I go indoors?
We were told this item has a unique way of tracking your possession of choice through wi-fi systems. They were not clear on how this works and can only report back what they told us.

OK, I see that I get 12 months of free service then how much is it going to be after that is over. That's when you are going to hit me with extravagant fees, right?
The manufacturer tells us that the service will only be $5 a month after the first year. They also have told us that there are no roaming fees.

Does this thing actually broadcast everywhere in the world?
We were told this exists as long as there is a valid GSM cellular reception.

What does that SOS button do?
A simple press of the button broadcasts your location via the app. It can also send an email or text of your location as well. Keep in mind that this is included in your 10 text messages a month cap as talked about in a few paragraphs below.

How long does it keep a history of whatever I put this thing on?
The system is set up to save up to a year of full history.

Is there a customer service or support system I can talk to if I'm having problems?
Yes. There is a support system provided by the manufacturer. Please note that this service is not connected to this store and we cannot help with problems with the system or the support system.

Are there alerts that come with the system?
Yes. You get what they call "Smart Alerts". They will message you via text, email, and/or in the application. They can be set for location changes, speed thresholds, movements that are sudden, or even if your Sprinter has an impact. Please note that text messages are limited to only 10 a month. Something to keep in mind if you have to strategize when you should be alerted about something via text.

Is there an app for this thing? Or does it only work on the desktop?
It has an Android app and it also has an iPhone app as well.

What do I get when I get this kit?
You get the following items in the kit:

1 GPS Device

1 Worldwide SIM Card included

1 Micro USB Charging Cable

1 Battery Doors

Belt clip battery door

1 Battery

Silicon case

Magnetic attachment

Velcro attachments


What is the official weight of this thing?
The GPS tracker weighs 1.4 oz or 42 grams.

This thing seems like it might be big... Just how big is this GPS unit?
It is actually fairly small. It fits in the palm of the hand. The official size of this GPS unit is: height: .7", L: 1.8", and W: 1.6". If you use the metric system then the measurements are: L: 47mm, W: 40mm, and H: 17mm.

What are the network bands this thing uses?
The information we have on hand says that the following are the network bands: quad gsm 850, gsm 900, dcs 1800, and pcs 1900.

Ok, so if my Sprinter gets lost then how often does this thing update... How accurate is it going to be if it doesn't update often?
The official update timing is once per minute.

How long will this thing sit in standby mode if I do nothing at all?
We were told that this product can be in stand by mode for slightly above 144 hours.

Does this product have a warranty?
Yes. It has a manufacturer warranty that lasts for one year. Unfortunately, that means that we do not directly deal with the product if it has issues. You will be working with the manufacturing company.

How long does the battery actually last?
The manufacturer told us that this battery will last up to 48 to 96 hours.

Does cold weather affect this?
Unfortunately, like other battery-powered objects, this is highly likely. Although not specifically stated anywhere you can expect cold weather to take up to 35% of the battery depending on the temperature levels similar to other batteries operating in colder weathers such as 36 degrees Fahrenheit.

What else should I know about the service part of this product?
2G trackers cannot work in Japan, Singapore, Korea, Canada, Australia, and there are even a few places in the USA where they will not work. You have to be using the 3G tracker in those regions.