Mercedes Sprinter Front Bumper Winch Mountable With Bull Bar

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Sprinter Front Winch Mountable with / without Bull Bar

What is this bumper made out of?
It is made out of aluminum.

Does it have a gusset system?
Yes. The manufacturer says that this has a vertical and horizontal gusset system.

What is the mounting structure made of?
It is made of steel.

What Warn winches will fit this bumper?
It will fit the Warn VR and Zeon winches.
If you Chose the Winch combination this is the Info for the Warn VR1200

Warn VR12000 Vehicle Recovery Winch w/ Steel Rope

  • Durable, smooth and reliable three-stage planetary geartrain

  • Legendary WARN reliability and performance: 12,000 lb. capacity

  • Low-profile design will fit most trucks and SUVs

  • Exclusive brake design for superior winching control

  • Includes remote control with 12 ft (3.7m) lead

What else have they done to make sure a winch stays in place?
They have provided additional wrap-around frame brackets that should help secure your winch in place.

How thick are the shackle mounts?
The shackle mounts are 1" thick and they are for 3/4 shackles.

How big is the receiver?
The receiver of this bumper is a 2" receiver.

I see the main picture has an led light bar. What does this bumper accept there?
It accepts Rigid D series LED pods.

Does it fully cover the DEF tank?
Yes. The manufacturer has provided us with information that says that the DEF tank has full frontal coverage.

What about Mercedes airflow requirements? I want to make sure everything is on the up and up?
The manufacturer has assured us that the product exceeds Mercedes airflow requirements for vehicles of this type.

What are some of the optional upgrades I could get for this thing?
You could choose to get parking sensors as they have made adjustments so that you are able to do so. You could also have a DEF tank skid plate installed if you wish. Also, the bumper you are looking at right now features the LED ready bull bar.

Anything else I should know before I get this thing?
If you move your CPA sensor from where the manufacturer had put the device then you may have trouble with it. You should be careful and make sure that the system works as intended before doing any major trips. You may have to make adjustments in order for it to work properly. There is no guarantee that the system will work with this kind of setup.

Not confirmed to fit 2019 models as of yet. We are currently researching what parts will fit the 2019 models of Sprinter vans.

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