Mercedes Sprinter Steering Wheel Covers

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Mercedes Sprinter Steering Wheel Covers


Wheel cover perforation

What does "perf" mean?
It means perforated. You can see what they mean by looking at the picture to the right. You can see the edges are more raised than other wheel covers even in the same line.

Does the perforated style come in one color or multiple?
The perforated versions of this product come in two color varieties. Check the varieties above. If you want to get another combination then have a look that the color swatches by clicking here and then emailing to get more information.

What one color options do you stock?
We carry black, grey, and charcoal at the moment. You can get the other options but you have to email to set it up.

I've been very hard on my steering wheel and want to enhance the look of my steering wheel. Is this a good option for that?
Yes. You can cover up your wheel with this product and increase the dramatics of your steering wheel, increase your tactile enjoyment, and get an extra layer of protection for your steering wheel.

Wait, are these really for Sprinters or is it another jury-rigged product I'm going to hate? I hate products that do not fit well because they were never meant for my Sprinter anyway.
As far as we were told, these products were designed with Sprinters in mind. You should not have any problem with the fitment of these products on your Sprinter.

I don't have to get the perforated kind to get two colors on my cover, do I?
No. You can get the two-tone color option. It will not have the perforated edges.

Available Colors:
wheel cover swatches fin

2006 or Older,2007 or Newer