Mercedes Sprinter Van Backwoods Adventure Front Bumper Winch - Bull Bar

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About Backwoods Adventure Mods:
The Backwoods Adventure Mods family is an American made overland accessory manufacturer based out of Springdale, Arkansas. We design and manufacture our own bumpers, rear swingouts, ladders, roof racks, storage boxes, and more for the van and midsized 4x4 market. At Backwoods, we use the industry's latest technology, robotics, tooling, and other equipment to ensure a consistent and efficient product every time. one of the special products is Mercedes Sprinter Van Backwoods Adventure Front Bumper Winch - Bull Bar.
We’re different on purpose. Most manufacturers either use steel or aluminum only on their products. We recognize and see the value in offering a truly hybrid product. We use steel for strength in all the right places, but incorporate aluminum wherever possible in order to save weight and prevent rust.

Sprinter Front Winch mountable / Bull Bar

I heard there is a problem with moving the CPA sensor. Could you explain that to me?
Yes. Moving the CPA sensor is one of the things that the manufacturer says that may make the system unusable. They say it is hard to tell unless you test the system and they cannot promise that the sensor will work if it is moved. It may with adjustments but it is not something the manufacturer is comfortable with saying that it will work 100% of the time.

I need to know how big the receiver is so that I can figure out if this thing is right for me. How do I figure that out?
We were told that this item has a 2" receiver.

I've got a Warn winch and I want to make sure this fits. Will it?
The information we have about this bumper says that it will fit Warn VR and Zeon winches. If you have one of those types of winches this bumper will work for you.
If you Chose the Winch combination this is the Info for the Warn VR1200

Warn VR12000 Vehicle Recovery Winch w/ Steel Rope


    • Durable, smooth and reliable three-stage planetary geartrain

    • Legendary WARN reliability and performance: 12,000 lb. capacity

    • Low-profile design will fit most trucks and SUVs

    • Exclusive brake design for superior winching control

    • Includes remote control with 12 ft (3.7m) lead


What are my mounting structures going to be made of when I get this bumper?
You are going to find that the bumper mounting structures are made of steel.

I want my DEF tank fully covered. Is this bumper going to do it for me?
The manufacturer does state that this item will full frontal cover of the DEF tank.

I know Mercedes has some kind of airflow quality standards or something like that. Is this bumper going to conform to those standards?
Yes. The bumper does actually conform to those airflow standards that you are talking about according to the manufacturer.

I've heard that I can get some upgrades for this system. Could you speak to that fact?
There is a DEF skid plate that is available. You can also get a version of this bumper that includes a bull bar which you can see by clicking here. You are also able to get parking sensors for your bumper.

I'm curious about the shackle mounts. How big are they?
The shackle mounts are 1" thick. They are for 3/4 shackles.

What kind of material is this bumper made of?
The bumper is made of aluminium. It should provide maximum strength without adding too much weight.

If I did get the bull bar upgrade then what kind of LED could I put on the bumper?
The bumper was made to take Rigid D series LED pods.

What kind of gusset system does this system have?
The bumper has a vertical and horizontal gusset system.

I hate loose winches. Is there another system that helps keep this thing in place?
The bumper includes wrap-around frame brackets. They should help you keep your bumper where it should be instead of wiggling around the front of your vehicle.

Not confirmed to fit 2019 models as of yet. We are currently researching what parts will fit the 2019 models of Sprinter vans.

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