Mercedes Sprinter Van Electric Step/running Board

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Mercedes Sprinter Van Electric Step/Running Board

It looks great but I need to know if it works well in cold weather. Is the motor going to seize up on me sometime when I'm driving?
The manufacturer says that this product will work even in cold weather.

What is the rated torque then?
We were told it is 25N.m.

What about the locked torque?
The manufacturer says that the locked torque is equal to 80N.m.

It sounds good but what kind of longevity does this thing have? Is it going to quit on me at some point? Let's say I want to be still using it ten years down the road. Is it going to still be in good condition after all that use?
The numbers we got from the manufacturer says that this system will run more than 600,000 times. The OBD kit has the ability to run greater than 200,000 times during its life. The manufacturer also says if you use the system ten times a day, which is an unlikely scenario for most people, that it would still last you over 55 years.

Ok, well, how much weight could I load onto this thing before I bust it?
The official numbers we received said greater than 300 kg. or 661.387 lbs.

Ok, well... How low to the ground does this thing get before it is done?
It will go 220 mm or 8.66142 away from the ground assuming that the ground is even and not inclined or declined.

Well, how low does the footstep get then?
We have an answer of 140mm or 5.51181 inches.

Ok, well... If I open my door then am I going to be stuck waiting for this thing to get in place? How long does it take to get to where it needs to go and I can step down safely. This is somewhat of a concern of mine.
The running board will be in place 1 second after you open the door. Of course, you should always warn your passengers about this feature. You should also check before they use the step just in case.

Well, I also do not want this thing hanging around after I'm done with it. If I close the door then does it go away?
Yes. The system recognizes that you shut the door and will retract itself.

How long does that take? I don't want to have to worry about tripping someone.
The door will retract itself after 1.5 seconds after you shut the door. Of course, you should always check on this just in case just to be sure that your van does not get you into trouble.

I find this thing useless if it cannot tolerate water. It rains and a manufacturer should expect that. Has it been tested against rain? How long was it in the rain and did the thing actually keep working?
The system was tested against its capabilities in water. It went through 48 hours of testing. The manufacturer says that the product maintained effectiveness even after the rigorous testing.

What is the dark current level of this piece of equipment?
We information we have is <1ma.

What happens if I get my foot in the way when it is trying to open or close? Am I going to get hurt?
No. The system is programmed to detect anything in its way and then it will stop itself before the person gets hurt.

It sounds like this would be a safety feature for when you are driving. If it happens to come out and meets something that stops it then it will go back in, right?
Yes, that is, at least, how the manufacturer pictures this working.

What is the response latency of this thing?
The manufacturer says it is <2 microseconds.

Does this attach to the battery system of my Sprinter?
The answer here is no. It only gets power and signal from the OBD.

I work with some disabled people and some of them cannot handle noise very well. I was wondering if you knew how loud the motor is. It would be helpful to know.
Sure. The manufacturer says that the system has a decibel level around <55db. The equivalency of this according to is between a conversation at home or a conversation in a restaurant. It also says that the top end might be similar to an air conditioning unit 100 ft away from you. You can a look at the breakdown by clicking here.

How long will it take for me to install this thing?
We were told that it will take around two hours to install this on your Sprinter.

What materials are used to make this product?
The information we have says that it is made of aluminum alloys, plastic, and iron plates.