Mercedes Sprinter Van Factory Matched Touch-up Paint Jet Black

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Mercedes Sprinter Van Factory Matched Touch-Up Paint Jet Black
I'm confused about this paint. All I really need is black paint. This paint says that it is "Jet Black"? Is there a difference?
The color of this paint is officially "Jet Black" which is the name of the color that the factory uses when they make a black Sprinter van. The color you would get here is the same color you would get if you bought a black Sprinter van from the dealership right now.
I know that people say that paint dries darker. Is that the same with this? Is it going to look off when I first put it on but dry darker?
Yes. The product will dry darker than when it is first applied. We had the same problem when we tested the Arctic White paint on a Sprinter van. However, the product dried to the right color after it was given enough time.
What do I have to do in order to get this prepped for the paint job I need to do on it?
Cleaning the area you are going to apply the paint is a good first step. You also need to make sure that the area is dry before you apply the paint. You may also have to stand the area to make sure that it gets even amounts of paints. You also want to be aware that this paint does not include primer. You could use a primer if you wanted to do so, however, our application of the Arctic White paint did not include primer. You may be able to skip it but that is completely up to you. If you want the best possible result then using primer is not a bad idea.
How much paint or how much can I cover with one bottle?
The 5 ml bottle equates to 1 inch to 2 inches of scratches on your vehicle. It is 1 to 2 inches of the sides of a square and the inside of that same square. Keep in mind that this accounts for the fact that you may have to do multiple coats. The 2 ml bottle will be a little less than half of this amount.
How many of these bottles of paint am I getting for the price listed?
You are going to receive one of these bottles for the price you see on this page right now.