Mercedes Sprinter Van Portable Fridge / Freezer - 63 Quart Arb Elements

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Weatherproof ARB (10810602) Elements 63qt Fridge and Freezer For Mercedes Sprinter Van
No matter where your Sprinter Van Camper excursion takes you, you can now stay out in the wild for longer by upgrading to an ARB Fridge / Freezer. We all have to eat but, as many Vanlife adventurers have experienced first hand, conventional coolers quickly allow temperatures to rise and spoil your limited supply of grub. This ARB unit is not merely a cooler but, in fact, a legitimate Fridge and Freezer for Mercedes Sprinter Vans specifically designed and built to take a beating.
The ARB Elements Weatherproof Fridge Freezer is constructed of stainless steel and offers a fully weatherproof exterior. Although designed to withstand 365 days a year exposed directly to the mercy of mother nature, the 63 QT Mercedes Sprinter Van Elements Fridge Freezer by ARB is just as suitable inside the kitchen of your Sprinter Van Camper Conversion as it is mounted to the Sprinter Van Roof Rack or other exterior mounting system.
In addition to its rugged stainless steel and weatherproof exterior, the 4WD Sprinter Van Conversion Adventurer, and fishing or camping enthusiast no longer needs to hold the lid open to search the portable fridge freezer thanks to a gas strut assisted lid. Wandering hands will be kept at bay with the introduction of a programmable electronic 4-digit pin lock, ensuring temperatures are not changed, drinks are not swiped, and power is not switched.


    • Stainless steel body with ARB embossing


    • Unique infinite-position gas spring assisted lid


    • Backlit LED display with dimming function


    • Recessed back for power cable storage


    • Easy carry handle design


    • Reversible cabinet basket with removable divider


    • Rubberized mounting feet


    • Wireless display compatible


    • Durable ASA plastic protective moldings


    • Anodized aluminum latches


    • Heavy duty cast stainless steel hinges


    • Tamper-proof bolts for permanent mounting


    • Security pin code protected electronic locking system


    • Provision for padlock for added security


    • Weather protected control panel


    • Secop BD35F compressor


    • Built in 3 stage battery protection


    • Drain plug


    • LED rear facing cabinet light with auto on/off


    • Full-length cooling zone with dual height compartments


    • Weight 70lbs (31.8kg)


    • External Dimensions H17.1in x W19.3in x D32.3in


    • Main Internal Compartment Dimensions H13.1in x W14.0in x D18.8in


    • Secondary Internal Compartment Dimensions H5.7in x W14.0in x D6.1in


    • Power 12/24 DC w/3-stage integrated battery protection system. Built in 100-240 VAC (50-60Hz).


    • Capacity 63QT / 60L


    • Cooling Capacity +60F to -0F (+10C to -18C)


    • Ambient Operating Temperature +70F to +109F (16C to +43C)