Mercedes Sprinter Van Rv Carbon Monoxide And Propane Gas Alarm - Surface Mount

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All-In-One Propane and CO Leak Detector
Fitment: Sprinter Van, RAM Promaster, Ford Transit, and all other types of RV and Adventure Van / Camper Van applications

Using fueled appliances in your RV can increase the risk of high levels of propane gas and carbon monoxide. Having a detector to quickly and accurately alert you to potentially dangerous levels of gas in your rig can help to protect your family from both. Choose from two tiers of which the specs are posted below.

2-Wire Detector


  • Dimensions: 4-1/4" long x 1/2" deep

  • Exceeds UL 2034/1484 and CSA requirements

  • Mount hole spacing: 3-5/8"

  • Universal mounting brackets allow retrofit of 90% of all surface and flush-mount detectors

  • Propane gas and carbon monoxide detector alerts you to potentially dangerous levels of gas in your RV

    • 4 Beeps and a flashing red light indicate carbon monoxide

    • Continuous beep and solid red light indicate propane gas or both gases

  • RV voltage requirement: 8V-15V

  • CO sensitivity: as low as 70 ppm

  • LP sensitivity: as low as 4200 ppm

  • Lifespan: 5 years

  • Current draw: 17 mA at 13.5V

  • Alarm intensity: 85 dB

  • 1-Year limited warranty

  • Made in the USA

3-Wire Detector


  • Power conservation mode reserves current draw if your RV power surges or dips

    • Second power wire can be connected to auxiliary 12-volt battery for backup

  • Wall cutout size: 3-9/16" long x 3-7/16" wide x 1" deep

  • CSA certified

  • Fuel-cell sensor gives an earlier alert when CO levels are high

    • Less sensitive to false-alarm triggers than other detectors

  • RV voltage: 12 volt DC

  • 4 Indicator lights take out the guesswork

    • Carbon monoxide light goes on during active CO alarm

    • Propane light goes on during active LP gas alarm

    • Power light illuminates if power is low

    • Fault light lights up if maintenance is needed

  • Current draw: up to 75 mA

  • Alarm intensity: 85 decibels at a distance of 10'

  • 7-Year lifespan starts at first power-up

  • 2-Year limited warranty