Mercedes Sprinter Van Seat Covers

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Mercedes Sprinter Seat Covers
Looking for car covers for your Sprinter? We have what you are looking for right now.

  • Have a 2006 or earlier Sprinter? We have a solution to that problem.

  • Have a 2007, 2008, or 2009 Sprinter? We also have a cover for you.

  • Do you have a 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Sprinter with adjustable headrest and armrest? If so then we got you covered.

  • Have a 2016 or newer sprinter with airbags? You guessed it. We have a cover that will fit. You can choose from this page's drop-down or Click Here!

Select the year of your Sprinter then the color of the seat cover you want.


Some of these look like they are Carhartt products... Are they?
You are correct, some of these covers are made by Carhartt.

Is it possible to get a custom color?
Unfortunately, no. The colors we list are the colors that are available.

I notice that the colors are different between the years, is it possible to get a color that is listed for a year for another one?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. We only have the colors available as listed.

What is the size of the shipment that will come to me?
The shipping size of the box and the product is 16x10x6 and it weighs 4lbs.

How are you going to ship this thing out?
Actually, a lot depends on you. If you ask us to ship this to a business address then we could use a few services. We may use USPS priority, FedEx ground, UPS ground, or, in some cases, OnTrac. If you ask us to send your item to a home address then we will use USPS priority, FedEx home delivery, UPS ground, or OnTrac. You can get upgraded shipping methods, however, any extra costs will be paid by the buyer.

Do these things have options for my armrests?
Yes. Many of these options have covers for your armrests.

What about my center console?
Many of these covers do include a cover for your center console.

Are they hard to install? Do I need a degree in sewing and knitting to put them on my vehicle?
Luckily, no. They are made with elastic and/or velcro which makes them extremely fast to put on and remove.

Are they hard to wash?
Many of them are water-resistant or washable. You should not have a hard time keeping them clean."