Mercedes Sprinter Van Suspension Air Bag Kit (2 Bag)

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Mercedes Sprinter Van Suspension Air Bag Kit (2 Bag)
We provide Upgraded Install Kits that last longer and more durable than the factory provides - Unique and unlike other providers.
We fabricate and weld fully tested and proven improved mounting supports to further the durability and reliability of an already great product.
With the rough roads and introduction of 4x4 needs, we have found more durability is needed with air bag systems.
Our air bag system for Sprinter 2wd and 4wd 2500 and 3500 vans is the best on the market! It is cost-effective, very easy to install and extremely durable. This kit comes with everything you need to install it. These air bags are equivalent if not better than the Firestone air bags. With a tire style Schrader valve panel mount, the kit is ready to air up manually and allows for individual control of each bag. In most applications, it mounts from the axle to the factory bump stop mount and uses a wide, no-shift mounting plate. To offer assist, use the least amount of air pressure possible and never exceed GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). To avoid chassis damage, do not overload your vehicle or inflate the air bags too much. Installing a heavy duty rear shock like the Koni is also recommended.
We offer on-board air compressor controller kits for this Sprinter air bag system at an extra charge. This service allows for in-cab air adjustment and monitoring with an easy-to-read air gauge.

    • Never Exceed GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).


    • Average dual cab ute will run around 15-45 psi depending on load.


    • Rated at 2500 lbs per bag at 100psi – we do not recommend this, as that weight is excessive.


    • Keep at least a small amount of air pressure, never run the bags completely flat.


    • Airs up manually using tire style Schrader valves. This allows adjustments for each bag.


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    • Leak proof design surpasses air bag systems made by other competitors.


    • Pictures may not reflect the exact kit for your configuration.


    • Please read all manufacturer's recommendations and warnings for this product.


    • All warranties are warranties from the manufacturer.

#2500 BOSS complete airbag 2500lb or 1136kg capacity @ 100psi Government approved Tested to over 750psi Suitable for “Bag over” applications and as a stand alone air bag in Automotive suspensions.

    • 2500lb Extreme Series Bag


    • Top and Bottom plate and stainless bolts.


    • 12 countersunk stainless bolts

Fully Compressed – 65mm with 6mm ends fitted
Max Diameter- 155mm (widest when fully compressed)
Max height – 210mm
Max working pressure 0-160psi
Test pressure – 480psi
Burst pressure – 1000psi

What is a Sprintek USA Ride Enhancement Kit?
Sprintek USA Ride Enhancement Kits are considered a 4-course meal. The ingredients differ slightly depending on your personal flavor palate, i.e. whether you have a 2500, 3500, 4x4, etc.
The serving portions are equal to all, and we only have only flavor available: 'REK'
Koni adjustable shocks we set to the proper valving for maximum performance of the kit based on the vehicle. We work directly with Koni to help develop the shock for the Sprinter vans which can be used for luxury on the road living, cargo carriers, mobile tire shops, and more. These are oil-valved shocks and greatly improve the ride on their own. We don't stop there. Hellwig or Roadmaster sway bars - both companies have been designing large-diameter heavy-duty sway bars for class C and larger motorhomes, also specializing in light-duty vehicles as well. We will need to know if your vehicle has a factory sway bar or not, as well as how many miles you have on the factory suspension components. Sprintek USA Top Performance 7 or 8 leaf kits specifically help the rear of the vehicle sit where it should be. This allows for more weight, and more rigidity maximizing the performance of the oil-valving shocks so there is no unnecessary bounce from having the additional strength from the added springs. We do also have the 'REK with SASS' kits available as well which swaps the 8 or 7 leaf with only spring assist kits for those who are on a budget, or just not interested in getting totally REK'd. The Sprintek USA Air Assist Suspension Kit makes this kit complete. Like the dessert to our full, 4-course meal. The Sprintek USA Air Assist Suspension kits bring this kit together by providing that extra cushion in your ride, ultimately providing you with a top-performing Sprinter.

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