Mercedes Sprinter Van 3500 Ultra Hunter Dually Wheels

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Mercedes Sprinter Van 3500 Ultra Hunter Dually Wheels

NOTE: You will need the Ultra Hunter Dually Wheel Lug Nuts for this product. You can buy a 6 pack of them from this link or you can buy these wheels with a 24 pack of lug nuts here.

Compatibility: All 3500 Sprinter Vans made 2007-2020.


How many wheels am I getting for this price?

You are getting one wheel. All of these wheels are sold separately.

So which ones are the front wheels and which ones are the back wheels?

The back wheels are the -130mm offset wheels. The front wheels are the 110mm offset.

How many lug nuts come with these wheels?

Lug nuts are optional with these wheels. You can upgrade to a 24 pack here or you can buy a 6 pack of them from this link.

So... Which Sprinters do these fit specifically?

The wheels you see here will fit the Mercedes-Benz 3500.

I'm worried about the internals of this wheel. Can you tell me what the Chrome Ultra Dually Wheels for the Sprinter Van are made of?

The Sprinter Van Dually Wheel from Ultra is made with Aluminum and with a coated Chrome Finish.

These are all six lug wheels then?

You are correct. The wheels you see on this page are 6 lug wheels.

What size are these 3500 Sprinter wheels?

These 3500 Mercedes Sprinter Wheels are 16x6.

What colors are these 3500 Sprinter Van Wheels available in?

The Ultra Hunter Dually wheels are available in either chrome or gloss black.

Are these wheels compatible with the 2019/2020 Mercedes Sprinter Van?

Yes! The Ultra Hunter Dually Wheels are compatible with all 3500 Sprinter Vans made 2007-present.

My suspension is modified... Am I going to have to do something special to make this work?

The manufacturer says that you will have to use wheel spacers for clearance purposes.

Well, I like the look but I need to know the load capacity. It doesn't help me if I get them and I can't use them because I am too heavy.

The load capacity of these 3500 wheels is 2500 lbs.

Do you know the bore of these products?

Sure. The 6x180 110 offset chrome version is 138.80 as are the 6x180 -130 chrome, 6x180 110 and the 6x180 -130 black milled versions. The 6x205 110 chrome bore is 161.10 as are the 6x205 161.10 -130 chrome and the
6x205 110 black milled and the 6x205 -130 black milled versions as well.