2002-2006 (5 Cylinder) AFE High Flow Air Filter for Sprinter Vans


Add a little pep to your Sprinter and get better fuel economy with our high flow performance air filter. This air filter is designed especially for the Sprinter using a filter element specifically designed for diesel engines. Clean air is one of the most important factors in diesel engine longevity. Because of the patented Pro-GUARD 7 filter media, this filter will flow 30% more air that is as clean as the factory filter, something our competitors cannot claim. The filter is a direct fit and is serviceable (cleanable and reusable).

When using our filter, you will experience slightly more pep and up to 3% better fuel economy. Depending on driving habits and conditions, you may get even better fuel economy especially when towing or carrying heavy loads. Daimler recommends Sprinter air filter replacement every 20,000 miles at a cost of $45. For $89.95 you have an air filter that is serviced every 10-20,000 miles and will last for many years. The Pro-GUARD 7 filter comes with a limited lifetime warranty for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle in which the filter was installed.

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2002 – 2006 (2.7L, 5 cylinders) Engine High Flow Air Filter by AFE. Air Filter for your 2003, 2004, 2005 Sprinter as well

The upgraded AFE air filter has 3 benefits over the original paper air filter.

1. The AFE multi-layer synthetic media filters air better than the paper original, by trapping smaller particles with its thicker fibers and tacky oil coating.

2. The AFE air filter is re-usable. When the new filter gets dirty, just clean as directed, let dry, and then re-oil. A cleaning and re-oil kit is sold separately). So, you don’t have to throw away the paper filter every time.

3. The AFE air filter has more surface area than the original paper filter and is less restrictive, so air flows more easily through its all the media. The increase in airflow gives your engine more efficiency, so better response, and usually slightly better fuel mileage (depending on driving conditions).

ProGuard7 CLEANING KIT is sold separately – $24.95 (Cleaning Spray & Oil)


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