2006-2018 Mercedes Sprinter Door Sill Guard Chrome Stainless Steel Trim Cover


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2006-2018 Mercedes Sprinter Door Sill Guard Chrome Stainless Steel Trim Cover

This really is a door sill made of chrome?

It is actually made of stainless steel.

There are different designations of stainless steel. What designation of stainless steel is this?

It is 304-grade stainless steel.

This door sill guard should be able to resist rust then?

Yes. 304 grade stainless steel is well known for being able to resist rusting and weather effects.

I know that other door sills have to be a certain temperature in order for the install to work. Is that the case with this item?

Yes. You should have your temperature between 64 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

What happens if I don’t have the right temperature?

You can try to heat the surface of the door sill by using a hairdryer.

Is there a certain temperature where I should really think about doing this?

If the temperature is below 64 degrees Fahrenheit then you should really think about using the hair dryer method.

Any good advice for this install?

Yes. You should try to assemble the sill guard without opening the adhesive just to make sure that you know what you need to do. Also, you need to know if your surface is even and ready for the install.

The surface should be clean before starting the install then?

Yes. You should make sure it is clean and dry before you start installing this item.

How long do I need to wait after cleaning the area before I start installing this sill guard?

You should wait 5 minutes after you use the primer. Remember that the area should be clean before you apply the primer or you may not have an even surface. Your door sill could appear to be bubbly or be noticeably off if you do not have it properly cleaned.

So, wait, this temperature thing? I’m not warming up my van’s surface, am I?

No. You will warm the sill so that the adhesive reaches the right temperature in order to stick to the area.

Should I be pushing down on this thing with my hand or something else?

Preferably a cloth if you do not want to have to clean the stainless steel door sill right after.

How soon can I clean my Sprinter van after using this product?

You should not clean your van for 24 hours after you install this item.

Does it actually come with the primer?

Unfortunately, we were not able to get a clear answer to this question. We assume that it does not come with the primer but we could be wrong. But, be prepared to get some primer appropriate for this type of work if it does not have it in the package.


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