2007-2019 Mercedes Sprinter Van European TUV Tested Wheel Spacers – Free Shipping




2007-2019 Mercedes Sprinter Vans with 6 Lug 6x130mm Lug Patterns

Please note that only the 1-inch spacers are in stock. The rest are all on backorder until, at least, the beginning of December. Please keep in mind that this can change based on the availability of the manufacturer and what they tell us.

Will Not Work With 3500 Sprinter Vans.

What does a wheel spacer do? 

Your hub-centric hub mounting will be retained with the wheel spacer. The spacers let you use larger tires. They will also clear the front strut if you have a lifted 4×4 Sprinter van. You will find that your Sprinter will have greater stability than ever before because of the extra width available to you.

Where does this spacer fit on my Sprinter?

The spacer fits over the studs and hub.

Does this work on all brands of Sprinters?

It will work on the 2500 and 4×4 versions of Mercedes, Freightliner, or Dodge Sprinter vans.

What kind of quality assurance do I have with these wheel spacers?

The wheel spacers that you are looking at on this page were tested by TUV European quality standards.

What is the warranty for this wheel spacer?

Yes. We were told that this wheel spacer has a 10-year manufacturer warranty. Unfortunately, that also means that we will not be servicing the warranty ourselves and you would have to work with the manufacturer with any problems.

Will these work with my factory wheels? 

Factory wheels will be able to use the bolts we send you. Most aftermarket wheels require acorn lug nuts. Your stock/factory lug bolts will be too long and you will need 28mm.


Additional information

Spacer Quantity

Two Spacers (2), Four Spacers (4)

Spacer Thickness

Half Inch / 12.7mm, One Inch / 25.4mm, 1.5 Inch / 38.1mm, Two Inch / 50.8mm


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