2014-2018 Terrawagen Armor for Mercedes Sprinter Van Headlights


It is an adhesive cover for Sprinter van headlights.

It includes everything you need to install the lights in the package.

It bugs may not stick to your headlights according to the manufacturer.


2014-2018 Terrawagen Armor for Sprinter Headlights

How big is the box for this thing? TWS32

The information is that the box and the product will be shipped out with dimensions around 24x4x4 and it will weigh 1.4 lbs. However, the product is probably not 24 inches in length. We have not had this product in the store as of yet, but it is highly doubtful unless your headlights are extremely large.

How well does this thing actually fit?

The manufacturer says this is a molded piece. It should fit perfectly over your headlights according to them.

Am I going to have to run out to the store to buy stuff in order to install this? I’d rather not if possible.

Actually, you should have everything you need to install this item inside the package. It is not a difficult install according to the manufacturer.

I’ve heard that bugs dislike the armor. Is that true? Does it repel bugs?

The manufacturer says that bugs do not stick to the product but that remains to be seen. We cannot deny or verify that this is actually the case. Please do not be disappointed if the manufacturer is wrong on this fact, however, we can always hope for the best.

What is this thing anyway?

It is an adhesive cover for the headlights on your 2014-2018 Sprinter.

Any idea how you will ship this thing out?

We know that the shipping box and the product weigh over a pound. The fact that this is true means that we cannot send it through USPS first class. The options we have left after that are USPS priority mail, FedEx ground or home delivery, or UPS ground. What about the air options? They are available but any extra cost will be picked up by the buyer of the product. There are times when OnTrac may be used but the most likely scenarios are that we will use one of the following methods to ship you your item: USPS priority, FedEx home delivery or ground, or UPS ground.


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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 4 × 4 in