2014 or Newer Ford Transit Rear Axle Air Suspension System | VB-Full Air 2C RWD


Please Note: This product is for rear wheel drive 2014 or newer Ford Transit vans. The Dually version of this product is located in this link.

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2014 or Newer Ford Transit Rear Axle Air Suspension System -VB-FullAir 2C RWD

I move a lot of plates in my business. The ride… Is unpredictable in some of the places I have to go. Will this system help even out my ride so that I don’t have problems when I drive somewhere?

You will gain a noticeable difference in ride comfort and stability. Of course, you should not expect miracles but you can expect a significant increase in the comfort and stability of your ride. You will be able to take bumps much easier than ever before with this product on your side.

Awesome, that does translate to benefits for me, as the driver too?

Yes. You will notice an increase in your ability to handle curves. Your van will move in predictable ways and it will feel less like it is going to get away from you when you turn a corner. If you spend a lot on tires then you might notice that you will have to purchase less of these because your tires will wear more evenly and predictably than with your older suspension system.

I’m confused about whether or not this is a single corner product or if it is a double corner air suspension system?

The product you are looking at here is a two corner air suspension system.

Which vehicles does this system fit again?

The manufacturer says that this rear suspension system is made for Ford Transits that are 2014 and newer.

So, this is a rear suspension system. It is for the rear axle, right?

The rear of the axle is where this product belongs. You are correct.

Do I have to manually control this system to make sure that it is providing the right amount of air to take the bumps?

No. The system is automated through a product called a VB-ASCU. The acronym stands for VB-Air suspension control unit. it can be controlled with a physical control unit but it does its work without needing your input if you are driving. The VB-ASCU makes sure that your vehicle is at the correct ride height all of the time regardless if it encounters bumps in the road or not. It the ride height is constantly monitored and adjusted to make sure that the passengers, driver, and any cargo have an as comfortable and smooth ride as possible.

Are the electronics this system uses going to interfere with the electronics in my van?

No. The control unit is made to work with your vehicle. It will not cause interference with your existing electronics in your van unless it was improperly installed in the first place.

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