2015 and Newer 2500 or 3500 RAM ProMaster Air Suspension System – FullAir 2C


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RAM ProMaster Air Suspension System – FullAir 2C

Which vehicles does this system fit?

We were told by the manufacturer that this part fits 2015 and newer Dodge Promaster vans that are 2500 or 3500 models.

So this is a single corner or a two corner system?

It is a two corner air suspension system.

How is the system controlled? I mean, it is an airbag. How does it know what level of inflation it needs to be at in order to do its job properly?

The product is controlled with a control unit. They call the unit VB-ASCU. It stands for VB-Air suspension control unit. The product takes the job of making sure that the vehicle has the correct ride height at all times. It does this by monitoring the conditions of the road. It corrects the ride height so that the passengers and drivers of the vehicle get the comfort, safety, and road handling they deserve.

What does this system really do?

It helps provide a constant and predictable ride height. You enjoy more comfort during the ride.

I see that it does that for the passengers but what about the driver?

The driver gets better stability. The driver also benefits from better driveability because the vehicle would move in predictable ways. There will also be less wear and tear on the tires which means that there will be less money spent on tires over time. It also means getting out the spare wheel even less than ever before.

I move a lot of breakable stuff in my Promaster. I have to tell you that encountering bumps is one of the scariest things for me. Will this help me weather these bumps and help me get my stuff there safely?

If you move fragile cargo then this air suspension will help you transport it safely. We all know that the biggest enemy of transporting something fragile is an unexpected bump. If you hate those unexpected bumps then this air suspension system might be your new best friend.


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