2019 Mercedes Sprinter 4500 Van Auxiliary 20 Gallon Fuel Tank Kit

$1,995.95 $1,249.95

20 Gallon Version of the Auxiliary Fuel System for a 2019 4500 Sprinter Van

Please keep in mind that this product must be installed by ASE certified master tech.


2019 Mercedes Sprinter 4500 Van Auxiliary 20 Gallon Fuel Tank Kit

The product does not add to your original fuel tank. It is an additional fuel tank that is added to your van.

We ask that you call us for shipping estimates. Shipping prices can vary widely on this product based on your location.

Am I going to be missing anything when I get this product in the mail? I don’t feel like I should have to drive to the hardware store to buy some random stuff.

You will not have to make any extra trips as long as you have the tools you need. You will receive all the hardware you need such as the following things: hoses, fittings, wiring, hoses, and the other necessary components that will make sure that this product is attached properly and safely.

I can put this thing in by myself, right?

It depends on if you are an ASE Mastertech or not. If you are not then we would recommend that you do not do this yourself. There are a lot of things that could go wrong with the installation and you want to avoid them so you can use this product safely.

I’m assuming this thing can run out of gas too. How do I know I need to fill it back up?

The product has its own fuel gauge. It also has its own tank mounted sending unit.

You said that this is an auxiliary fuel tank. If that is true then where does the fuel tank go?

The usual place to place this tank is under and behind the driver’s seat. The driver’s side wheel well is where the well filler will go for this particular tank.

Do you have more information on that because that sounds really weird?

The tank will be outside the of the frame on the driver’s side of the vehicle. It will not be inside the vehicle with the driver.

Is my ground clearance going to go down then?

It should not affect your ground clearance too much. We have not heard of anyone complaining about this as of yet.

Does this thing have a fuel filter or not?

We were told by the manufacturer that this product has a remote inline fuel filter.

I don’t get the reason why I would get this thing at all. What is this supposed to do? Why would I use this thing?

Many of the vehicles where you find this fuel tank find that this product doubles their fuel capacity. If you have ever had the dreaded range anxiety then you just might have found a cure for it with this product.



How much extra fuel am I getting if I use this product in my Sprinter van?

The product is made to deliver up to 20 gallons of extra fuel to your Sprinter van.

How soon do I use this thing? Obviously, I don’t want to overfeed my fuel tank because that would be, obviously, very dumb.

Many people use this extra fuel when they have half a tank of fuel left.

How does this thing not fly all over the place and leak gas if it is at the bottom of my vehicle?

The auxiliary tank bolts to the floor of your vehicle. The bolts that are used to do this are carriage bolts.

20 Gallon Auxiliary Fuel System.

For 4500 Models with 3.0L Engines.

For the 2019 Sprinter Van model

The filler tubing… Does it have enough flexibility to handle a trip?

We were told that the filler tubing is flexible and it should not have a problem during your trip.

It can’t be dumping all 20 gallons of fuel into my tank all at once, right? There has to be a way to control it.

We were told that this particular version of the auxiliary fuel take includes a timer switch transfer control.

Do you know anything else about this filler neck thing? I’m curious?

It is a vented filler neck with a mounting plate.

What about the fuel transfer pump? Is it inline? What do you know about it?

The fuel transfer pump is 12v and it is inline. It also has a bracket.

Note: Must be installed on vehicles by a Certified Mechanic. Preferably an ASE Master Tech Like we have at our repair shop.


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Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 24 × 18 in