2019 Mercedes Sprinter Van Front Rare Flare Fender Kit European Wheel Arch Armor – TWS19



2019 Sprinter European Wheel Arch Armor / Front Rear Flare Fender Kit

Mercedes-Benz has released it’s newest version of the Sprinter, again without protection for the fender arches. Don’t worry we have you covered!

Our 4 piece kit gives you the protection you need to avoid those scrapes and dings. Not to mention better looks.

Easy installation, using 3M VHB tape ( Very High Bond ) simply attaches directly to the fender. No holes to drill.

Fits all 2019 and up Sprinter VS30, 2wd and 4wd, 2500, 3500.


Why does this product exist?  TWS19

European Sprinter does not come with rear covers. European Volkswagen Crafters also do not come with the rear fenders either. A kit was created to add this feature to these models and that is why TWS19 exists.

What does this kit come with?

The kit has four pieces. It has 2 front and rear fender kits.

How well with this fit in with other things I have from the same company?

The armor or fenders were created to blend seamlessly with the other Sprinter Terrawagen products you own.

What is this product made of?

The product is made of TPO plastic. It was designed to have the same color and texture as other products you may own.

What kind of hardware is in this kit?

There is no need for hardware. The fenders attach to the vehicle via 3M VHB tape.

What vehicles does this product fit?


NCV3 Mercedes Sprinter 2007-2019

Volkswagen Crafter 2007-2016

The product looks very similar to itself on each side. I’m worried I’m going to put the right side on the wrong side. Is there a way to tell which one is supposed to be on the right and the other on the left?

Yes. The manufacturer has given you markings on the product so that you do not get confused. You will find an “L” for the left side and an “R” for the right side. You will find them on the inside of the fender.

Wait, how do I know which side is left and which one is right. It would depend on which way I am facing right?

The designation assumes that you are seated like you are going to drive the vehicle. The driver’s side would be the left side and the right side would be the passenger side.


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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 3 × 9 in