2019 Sprinter Van Bedrug Vanrug Rear Cargo Carpet Mat – FREE SHIPPING



Sprinter Van Rear Cargo Carpet Mat Bedrug Vanrug – FREE SHIPPING

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2019 Sprinter Van Bedrug Vanrug Rear Cargo Carpet Mat – FREE SHIPPING

Please note that this item only ships free to the Contiguous United States. Does not include Hawaii, Alaska, or the other USA territories.


How long does the installation take?

We were told that you can install this item in a few minutes.

Am I going to need tools to install this piece?

The installation video shows the gentleman using a power screwdriver to remove items from the vehicle in order to install this carpet mat. It would be smart to have, at least, a normal screwdriver on hand for this installation. It also shows him using a box cutter, therefore, it might be smart to have some kind of sharp object on hand to help with this install if you need it.

This thing is a carpet, why would I switch out from what I already have?

One of the main reasons is the way that it deadens sound waves. It can make your rides much quieter than other harder style mats. It also tends to keep in heat better than other types of mats as well.

I find my current rubber mat great but it can get slippery at times. Will this help with that?

Yes. The fact that it is made up of a product that looks like regular fiber will definitely help because of the multiple little bristles that can help catch your feet as you move. Not only is it made up of that fiber looking product but it is a fiber that is designed to protect you against skidding and slipping.

I have to transport things like oil around. Sometimes it’s cleaning supplies. If I drop this or they leak then what is it going to do to this carpet?

The manufacturer says that this product is designed to withstand things like gas, acid, oil, and other chemicals. If they are accurate in their statement about their product then you should not have a problem if you happen to spill some on your mat.

Alright, if it is so tough and able to withstand that then what is it made of then?

We were told that this is made up of 100% Polypropylene. Polypropylene is known for being tough and able to withstand punishment from spills and drops.

My floor is ribbed in my vehicle and I’m worried about the fitment. It’s gonna be a real pain if this thing is supposed to be laid down flat and the design of my vehicle won’t let it be. I don’t wanna be cutting lines in the rug to let the little bumps have room. Kinda defeats the purpose, you know?

The mat is made with form-fitting foam. They designed it so that it would adjust to the ribs in your vehicle so that you get the smoothness you want and the cushioning you probably were not expecting to get.

Where was this thing made? Where does it come from?

The item you are looking at right now was produced in the United States of America.

This is resistant to molding then?

Yes. It is not a fiber product but a product that looks like fiber. You get all of the benefits of getting a carpet without the annoying ability of a carpet mat to soak up liquids and such that can mold.

Does it resist stains too then?

Yes. It will not stain as easily as other carpet mats.

Am I going to have to cut this thing to make it fit my Sprinter?

No. The mat will be die-cut to fit your Sprinter. You will not have to cut it to fit as long as you choose the correct size of your Sprinter.

Does it have a warranty?

It does have a warranty. It is a limited lifetime warranty.

Will this Sprinter Van rear cargo mat fit my passenger/crew Sprinter Van?

Yes, this will work with vans that have rear seats.  All that is required is a bit of trimming to create holes where the seats attach to the floor.

Additional information

Sprinter Length

144" Wheel Base, 170" Wheel Base, 170" EXTENDED WB


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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 24 in