2500 Sprinter Van Rear Brake Hose 9064280835


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2500 Sprinter Van Rear Brake Hose | 9064280835 | Free Shipping

This product is compatible with all 2500 Sprinter Vans made after 2007. 

All Sprinter Store parts are backed by warranties. The Sprinter Store has been repairing and installing Sprinter Van parts for over a decade, the parts we sell are tested to the greatest standard. We stand behind our manufacturers and ensure every part is of the utmost quality.  

  Please note that this item only ships free to the Contiguous United States. It does not include Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, or the other USA territories. 

What is this thing?

The listing you are looking at is the brake hose needed for your Sprinter Van.

Which vehicles are compatible with this part? 

This part is compatible with all 2500 Sprinter Vans made after 2007.

What is a brake hose in charge of? 

The brake hose’s job is to carry brake fluid from a brake line to the car’s brakes.

How many brake hoses will I need in my vehicle?
Your vehicle should have two brake hoses in it.
Is this brake hose for the front or the rear of the vehicle? 
This brake hose is the for the rear of the vehicle.
What is the length of this brake hose? 
According to our manufacturer, this brake hose measures at 552 mm or 21.7 inches.
What is the difference between a brake hose and a brake line? 
Brake hoses are rubber and flexible. Brake lines are steel.
What are some symptoms of a bad brake hose? I need to know if it is time for mine to be replaced. 
The following are symptoms of a bad brake hose:
  • Mushy brake pedal
  • Worn or damaged brake hose
  • Brakes not operating

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms then it is likely time for you to look into replacing your brake hoses.

Do you guys have any instructions on how I can replace my brake lines? 
Unfortunately, we do not. We recommend bringing your vehicle to a professional if you don’t already know what you’re doing.
How many brake hoses come with this listing? 
We sell our brake hoses in singular quantities. If you need both your brake hoses replaced then you should buy two of this product.
OEM: 9064280835
Begel Germany: BG42307
We use Begel Germany, genuine Mercedes Benz, and other top quality name brand parts that carry warranties. We may substitute your part with a possible better quality option if we need to. 


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