Adapter for a Sprinter w/o OE Track – Thule HideAway Awning Roof Mount


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Adapter for a Sprinter w/o OE Track – Thule HideAway Awning Roof Mount

Wait, is this really for a Sprinter? Is it specially designed so I can put my Thule Hideaway awning on my Sprinter?

Yes. If you have or are going to get the 10.7 x 8 ft Thule Hideaway roof mount then this is the adapter you need for your Sprinter van. The specific model number of the Thule Hideaway roof mount is 620001. Please note that we have heard from the manufacturer that this will also work for the 620002 version as well.

Do you know the specific model number Thule has assigned to this product?

Yes. The specific model number assigned to this roof mount adapter is 308073.

diagram thule adapter roof mount

This is an adapter that works with Sprinter’s that lack the OEM track, correct?

Yes. If you have the OEM track then you should avoid this adapter, however, if you do not have it then this the product for you and your Sprinter.

What does this adapter do?

The adapter gives you the ability to mount the following awnings to your Sprinter van: 640001 or 640002, according to what Thule has told us about this product.

What are the sizes of the awnings that fit this adapter thing?

The size of the 620001 awning is 10.7ft. The size of the 620002 awning is 12.3ft.

thule adapter roof mount

What color are these things? I can’t tell if they are supposed to be white, brown, or something else.

The official color we were told is silver.

What is the number that Thule assigns to this product?

The product number they have assigned to this product is 308073.

Is there an MPN I can look at for this product?

The MPN assigned to this product is 308073 which is the same as the product number we just mentioned.

What about the UPC code for this thing?

The UPC assigned to this product is the following number 091021619647.

Does this thing include mounting hardware?

Yes. You get the mounting hardware you need to make sure that this attaches correctly to your Sprinter.

This thing works with the rollout awnings right?

Yes. The 620001 and 620002 awnings are rollout awnings.

So, I can’t find information on this but am I going to have to drill into my Sprinter in order to make this work?

Fortunately, you do not have to drill into your Sprinter. The pieces actually attach into preset mounting points already located on your Sprinter van.

I cant tell from the picture, are these made of plastic?

We were told that these are made from a durable and strong aluminum construction.


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