ARB Elements Weatherproof Fridge/Freezer for Sprinter Vans


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ARB Elements Weatherproof Fridge/Freezer

How much will this thing hold on the inside of it?

The dimensions of this fridge on the inside is a combination of two areas. It comes with two compartments. One is the fruit and dairy compartment which is 5.7″ x 14.0″ x 6.1″. The measurements are H x W x D. The main compartment is the other area and the measurements for that area are 13.1″ x 14.0″ x 18.8″ and follows the measurement breakdown as before, or H x W x D.

Well, how big is this thing on the outside? I wanna know if I can carry this thing around in my van without too much trouble.

The dimensions we have from the manufacturer say that the fridge is 17.1 x 19.3″ x 32.3″. It follows the same formula as the previous question. The measurements are broken down as H x W x D.

Wait, if I’m going to lug this thing around then I need to know how much it weighs. Do you know how much this thing weighs?

It actually weighs 70 lbs. It is a robust fridge/freezer. It is probably best used as a stationary item.

Ok, well, does this thing keep things cool or is it just like a cooler?

It actually takes electricity and functions as a normal fridge.

What kind of power does it need?

It has a built-in 12/24 DC system. It also has a 100-240v ac power battery protection system.

Do you know what the capacity of this thing is in quarts?

The capacity is listed at 63 quarts.

Did they tell you anything about the cooling capacity of this fridge?

It is 50 degrees to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

It seems like it isn’t very secure. I mean, as anyone could just open it up.

The fridge actually has a magnetic lock.

Wait, it is a magnetic lock? Is it operated by electronics?

It actually has a touchpad that allows you to control opening the fridge and also controlling the temperature of the inside of the fridge.

Can the temperature be controlled by anyone?

The manufacturer says the touchpad will not allow people to change the temperature settings you have set yourself.

I’m worried someone is gonna walk off with this product. Is there a way to keep it locked on to my vehicle?

Yes. The product has a bolt down mounting kit. It can stay in the back of your vehicle if you use this feature. It also has a padlock lock recess in case you want to use that as well.

I’ve heard that this thing has some kind of special opening mechanism. Could you tell me about that?

The fridge has a special gas/spring strut. The strut allows the fridge to stay open or closed in any position. You will not have to hold it open with the other hand or hold it open with your head. It will just open and stay that way until you are ready to shut it.


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Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 20 × 33 in