Deluxe Mercedes Sprinter Rv Van Covers


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What class does this cover fit?

It fits a Class C RV.

Is there a particular measurement we can go off of instead of having to look up “C”?

Sure, the manufacturer says this fits 20′ to 38′ RVs.

Mercedes Sprinter Deluxe Cover fabric example

How many ply (if that’s the right word here) does that cover have?

It has 3 ply or three layers.

Is it waterproof?

Water resistant is a more correct word. It has limits as you can see from the photo to the right of this answer.

What is the cover made of?

The manufacturer says that they used PolyPRO to make this product. PolyPRO dries very quickly while providing a durable protection for your Sprinter van.

So this provides, at least, reasonable resistance to snow and rain, correct?

Yes. It has three layers that help it protect your Sprinter against the elements.

Does it also protect against other things like cat prints, rocks, mud, and other stuff?

Yes. It covers and protects your Sprinter from most things that could otherwise ruin it if it were not covered by some kind of product.

Deluxe Sprinter Cover

What’s with these panels I see in the picture?

Apparently, according to the manufacturer, the panels can be zipped and unzipped to allow you to open your doors or access things like your engine.

I assume this a tight fit. How does it accomplish this fitment?

The corners are hemmed and include elastic corners. However, the cover still allows some air flow on purpose. It makes use of integrated air vents that help the cover deal with wind stress and get rid of excess moisture that would otherwise build up inside the cover.

Is there a place where I can see an owner’s manual or something?

Sure. Click here and you will see installation instructions. You can also right click and download this file to your computer. If you are using another device then you might be able to hold your finger on the link and download it to your device.

How do I clean this cover once I get it?

A brush and warm water is the best way to do it.

Can I use a chemical cleaner on it?

We have not heard an official answer on this but we would avoid doing so because the chemicals may damage some of the fibers of the cover.

What colors or color does this come in?

The cover only has one color available. The color is white and grey. The manufacturer says that it is “grey and snow white” officially.

Additional information

Size of Cover

20'-23', 122"max H, 23' – 26', 122"max H, 26' – 29', 122"max H, 29' – 32', 122"max H, 32'-35', 122"max H, 32'-35'L, 122"max H, 32'-35'L, 125", 35'-38'L, 135"max H


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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 20 × 22 in