Diesel Only Sticker for a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter


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Diesel only sticker for a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

What shipping method will you use to ship this time?

We will most likely send this item via USPS first class. It is small enough and it will likely be under the weight restriction. However, there are a few ways this might not leave our store as a USPS first class shipment. If you order other items with it then it may not leave as a USPS first class shipment if they all equal more than the weight or size restriction for a first class shipment. The other way that this might be true is if you ask for an upgraded shipping method. If that is true then it will leave as your requested shipping method. It is important to note that any extra fees will have to be picked up by the buyer in this scenario.

Why would I need this sticker?

It certainly would not hurt to have it in your possession. The truth is that people make mistakes and mixing regular fuel with diesel is, obviously, a very bad idea. The sticker can help protect you and it even comes in several languages to help you avoid a problem. You get several chances to explain to someone that they should not be putting any other type of fuel in your vehicle if you are in a place that does not let you pump your own gas. The fact that you own a Sprinter probably means that you will eventually run into one of these states as you travel around the country.

Is this a magnet or a sticker?

We were led to believe that this is an adhesive based sticker.

Does it come in any other colors?

No. Unfortunately, this seems to be the only color available.

Does this come in a box?

In our experience, it is very unlikely. Most of these decals or stickers come in an envelop. However, that does not mean we will not put it in a box. We will use a method that is appropriate with respect to the type of sticker it is and how likely it is to get damaged in the shipping process.

Can I stick this inside my vehicle? My brother keeps trying to put in the wrong fuel and I’m worried about it.

Sure. Provided you can find a good spot for it. You could buy one for the inside and another for the outside. Doubling up reminders never hurts.


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