Fiamma F65s Awning Deep Black 10’6″ 8’2″ Extension


Fiamma F65s Awning Deep Black 10’6″ 8’2″ Extension

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  • The default color of the awning fabric is grey.
  • Titanium
  • 10’6″ – 8’2″ Extension
  • Front End is Aluminum
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Fiamma F65s Awning Deep Black 10’6″ 8’2″ Extension

Do you know if the legs of the product are adjustable? I’d like to be able to adjust it to fit me.

The legs of the awning are adjustable according to Fiamma.

I’m really lazy and I hate the idea of rolling this thing and out manually. Do you have an option that does not require this at all?

Yes, however, we are talking about an upgrade here. It does not come stock. There is an upgrade where you can make the awning motorized.

I can adjust the legs, but can I also make the awning into a little room for myself? I like the idea of being able to do that for myself.

You can upgrade your awning to make a private room for yourself. The upgrade includes barriers for the sides and the front. Keep in mind these are not hard barriers but soft ones. They mostly shield against weather elements and are not meant to be true barriers like harder walls.

I burn really easy in the sun and I hope that this will protect me. Is it going to do that well?

Fiamma mentions that this awning does block UV rays. It should be able to provide the level of protection you are looking for in an awning.

I’ve smashed the front end of my awning more times than I can count. How do I avoid that or can I get something that will fix that problem?

Actually, these awnings from Fiamma are made with the front end in aluminum. It should give you greater protection to damage like you the type you describe.

I’m thinking of driving in to pick this thing up. Can I do it alone?

The awning is 58 lbs. You will probably have help from us to put it in your vehicle. The problem would be, after that fact, is if you could get it out of your vehicle with that amount of weight. If you can do that then you should not need any help. Keep in mind we are always willing to help you load it if you do need help while in the store.

I’m disabled and I have trouble rolling up my awning. Is it possible to motorize this thing?

You can motorize it with an upgrade. All you have to do is get the upgrade. You can even put the motor inside the roller so that you can lessen the impact of the motor has on your total length.

I’m going to drive through some very rainy areas. Is this awning going to pass muster?

Fiamma says that they have designed this awning to be resistant to water. You should be ok in those places.

Although that rain is probably going to help keep my awning clean, at least, a little bit. I still would like to clean it myself. Is that possible?

Fiamma says that they have designed the awning to be cleaned easily. You should not have any problems with it.

I like the deep black color but I want to see if there is another color that I might like more. What are the other colors I could get?

You can get the casing in deep black, titanium, and pearl white.


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Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 132 × 9 × 7 in

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