Fiamma F65s 370 Awning Deep Black 12’2″ 8’2″ Extension


Fiamma F65s 370 Awning Deep Black 12’2″ 8’2″ Extension

  • The default color of the awning fabric is grey.
  • Deep Black
  • 12’2″ – 8’2″ Extension
  • Front End is Aluminum
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Fiamma F65s 370 Awning Deep Black 12’2″ 8’2″ Extension

I see online that the awning comes in 3 casing colors but I do not see what those colors are. What do you think they are?

Actually, we have information from the manufacturer that says the three colors are deep black, titanium, and polar white.

I like rain and I like the way the rain helps keep my awning clean. I do not want to rely on that as my only way to clean the awning. Can I get this thing cleaned?

The information we have on the awning from Fiamma says that it is cleanable or, at least, they are “washable”.

I can’t find the official weight of this thing online. Do you have any information on the weight of this product?

We were told that the weight of this product is 66 lbs.

EMAIL [email protected] if you would like to order one, there are lots of options to choose from and Shipping could be additional, as the shipping is calculated to commercial addresses not residential. We shop for the best methods that save you money, as our website only calculates Fedex and other you see as options, but we have better freight shippers with better rates.

My family and I tend to burn in the sunlight really easily. Can I use this awning to protect me and my family from suffering that fate?

Fiamma does specifically mention that the awning is UV resistant. You should have a good measure of protection when underneath the awning against the sun.

I have a lot of trouble putting back my awning because of my age. Do you have something that will handle it for me?

You can get a motorized component to the awning. You can even have the motor placed inside the roller to make sure that it does not add to the overall length of your awning.

My last awning leaked all the time. I need one that will be able to handle some rain. You have any knowledge of that fact?

Fiamma says that they designed this awning to be weatherproof and water resistant.

Being taller sucks sometimes. I have a hard time fitting other awnings that I own. I find that adjusting the legs of the awning is the best way to take care of this.

You can adjust the legs of the awning to your needs according to Fiamma. You should be able to get it in a position that is favorable for you.

I’d like this to be a room. Is there a way to get it to be a room for me?

Yes, there is an upgrade that allows you to attach sides and a front to the awning. The upgrade, effectively, makes a room for yourself.

Is there anything a handicapped person can do to this awning to make it more accessible?

You can make the awning have an electric motor. You can even have that motor places inside the roller so that you do not have a motor sticking out from the awning. You do not need the extra length.

I’m very clumsy and have broken the front end of multiple awnings. What does this awning do for people like me?

Fiamma helps you protect your awning by creating the front end out of aluminum.


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Weight 66 lbs
Dimensions 156 × 9 × 7 in

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