Fiamma F65s Awning Polar White 10’6″ 8’2″ Extension


The default color of the awning fabric is grey.

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Fiamma F65s Awning Polar White 10’6″ 8’2″ Extension

I’m a bigger man. I’m a taller man. Can I adjust this to a height where I’ll be comfortable?

The awning has telescopic legs where you should be able to adjust it to a few different heights. With any luck, you will find the perfect setting for you and your friends or family.

Any idea how large this things gets when I use it on my Sprinter?

It should unfold to a measurement around 114″x109″x78″.

I’ve seen other motor kits that extend the length of my awning which I do not like at all. I’d rather use that room for other stuff. Can you tell me about the electric version of this awning?

The electric version of this awning actually does not add any extra length to the awning at all. It is because you have the option of placing the motor inside the roller.

I’m worried about the weight of this thing. Could you give me peace of mind and tell me how much I can expect to be picking up when I get this thing?

We were told that this awning weighs 55 lbs.

Can I wash this thing if I have to or if I get it dirty for some reason?

Yes. Fiamma has made these awnings able to be washed.

I’ve had other awnings which, well, crumbled under the pressure of what it was asked to do in the weather. Is this a solid piece of construction or should I be looking elsewhere for my needs?

The product is made up of extruded aluminum which means that it is fairly strong and should hold up under most circumstances.

I’ve seen some awnings that have this like thing you can pull down and it makes like a little room. Can this awning do that or should I look at another one?

There is an optional upgrade you can get which will allow you to have the private room. You get front and side blockers so that you can have your room.

Is it manual or is it electric as far as the opening and closing of this thing?

It is your choice. The stock version is manual but you can upgrade to an electrically powered opening system.

  • EMAIL [email protected] if you would like to order one, there are lots of options to choose from and Shipping could be additional, as the shipping is calculated to commercial address’s not residential. We shop for he best methods that save you money, as our website only calculates Fedex and other you see as options, but we have better freight shippers with better rates.

I’ve had other awnings where the rain went right through it and onto me and, honestly, I want to avoid that again. Can you tell me if this awning is weather resistant?

It will resist the water and should keep you shielded against things like rain. You should have no problem if it is raining underneath this awning.

What colors are the case available in?

You can get your case in polar white, deep black, or titanium

Wind is a big problem for a few of the awnings I’ve seen because they end in some kind of fabric. I’d like to get one that does not have the problem. Can I consider this one of those ones that will not have that problem?

Fiamma awnings actually have aluminum ends which means that they do a better job of anchoring down the front than those that have normal endings. You should have a better time when using one of these than other types of awnings.

The sun is tough on a lot of things. Is it going to be tough on my awning after I get it?

Fiamma awnings are build out of UV resistant materials. You should not have a problem.


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Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 132 × 9 × 7 in

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