Fiamma F65s Awning Polar White 13’2″ 8’2″ Extension


Fiamma F65s Awning Polar White 13’2″ 8’2″ Extension

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  • The default color of the awning fabric is grey.
  • Polar White
  • 13’2″ – 8’2″ Extension
  • Front End is Aluminum
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Fiamma F65s Awning Polar White 13’2″ 8’2″ Extension

I need to know this before I even consider getting this product because I hate the flimsy front end on most awnings. What is the front end of this awning made of anyway??

The front end of the awning is made of a strong extruded aluminum.

I have an awning on my Sprinter, right now, that is very difficult to clean and it annoys me. If I had known that it wasn’t washable then I would not have bought it. Can you tell me if the awning on this vehicle is washable?

The Fiamma F65s awning you are looking at is polar white and it is washable so you can keep it as close to that color as humanly possible.

My dream awning is one that allows me to make a little room where I can relax. Is that possible with this awning?

Yes. You can get an upgrade that will turn the front and sides into a room where you can relax.

Let’s say I do want the upgrade to the electric version of this awning. Is it going to make my awning longer than what you have listed? I need to get my specs down so I know what I am doing before I do it.

The motor of the electric upgrade for this awning can be placed inside the roller, therefore, it does not have to take up more room if you do not want the item to take up more room.

  • EMAIL [email protected] if you would like to order one, there are lots of options to choose from and Shipping could be additional, as the shipping is calculated to commercial address’s not residential. We shop for he best methods that save you money, as our website only calculates Fedex and other you see as options, but we have better freight shippers with better rates.

My other awning broke because the awning had a weak case. What is this case made out of and will it take a beating?

The case is made of an extruded aluminum it should be able to withstand a fair amount of damage and weather.

Is the height adjustable at all? I’d like control over how high this thing will sit.

Fiamma tells us that the legs of the awning are adjustable. You should be able to set it up any way you like from there.

I hate rain. I do not like being wet. Will this awning protect me from being wet unlike my current awning?

Fiamma designed this awning to be weather resistant. You should be fine underneath it if you get caught in sudden rainfall.

Sun and UV rays aren’t great on my skin. I get burned easily. Am I going to be protected underneath this thing?

Fiamma says that this awning is UV resistant so you should be in a good position under this awning.

I am planning to have a large gathering. Will this awning to do the jobs properly?

We know that the awning will unfold to around 114″x109″x78″. Please be advised that the material we got about this was in a different language and was originally listed in the metric system. We had to convert it over. Therefore, it is possible the awning might be slightly smaller or larger than the indicated amounts.

The awning looks light but is it? Am I going to be surprised?

We can tell you that the awning weighs 71 lbs. If you are planning to install it yourself then you may want some help to get it done.

A big question I have in my mind is whether or not this awning is electric. Could you tell me?

The stock version of this awning is manual. However, you can decide to upgrade it if you so wish.

I know this one is polar white. Are there other colors available for the case?

Sure. You have three choices for the color of your case. You can have polar white, titanium, and deep black.

Shipping is calculated to Commercial address, additional charges to ship to residential.


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Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 168 × 9 × 7 in

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