Fiamma F65s Awning Titanium 12’2″ 8’2″ Extension


Fiamma F65s Awning Titanium 13’2″ 8’2″ Extension

  • The default color of the awning fabric is grey.
  • Titanium
  • 12’2″ – 8’2″ Extension
  • Front End is Aluminum
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Fiamma F65s Awning Titanium 12’2″ 8’2″ Extension

Are the legs adjustable at all? I hope they are.

Fiamma says that the legs are somewhat adjustable. You should be able to adjust it so that it will fit your needs.

I have a… habit of breaking the front end of my awnings. Is there any protection built into this awning for a guy like me?

Fiamma developed an aluminum front end that is designed to handle bumps and other incidents better than those without an aluminum front end.

I hate cleaning. However, I have found it necessary. Is this washable? I really need it to be washable.

Fortunately, it is washable and you should have no trouble maintaining it over time as it is designed so you can wash it.

It rains a lot where I am. I’d like an awning that is ready for this kind of reality. Is this awning one I can count on?

The awning is weather resistant according to Fiamma. It should be able to handle the rain if they are correct about its efficacy as it relates to rain.

I like titanium. Just a bit curious what other colors I could get this thing in?

There are three colors available for a case. You have a pearl white version, a Titanium version, and a deep black version.

Is this a lazy man’s awning or for a dude with a buff arm?

Both. You can get an upgrade to the awning where you can make the awning electric powered if you feel like that is an upgrade you would like, otherwise, the stock version is a manual version.

I have a bad habit of breaking the front end of my awnings. Will this awning break my streak or add to it?

The awning should survive although the reason the awnings are breaking should be taken into account. Fiamma has designed the front end of the awning to be made of aluminum. It should be sturdier than whatever else you may have had before.

The sun burns me. I want something to keep it away from me. Will this awning do it?

The awning is supposed to be UV ray resistant. You should have good protection from it underneath the awning.

I like to have big parties outdoors. Is this going to cut the mustard or should I look elsewhere for a more robust awning?

The awning should unfold to around 114″x109″x78″. It could be slightly larger or smaller but that should be a good ballpark figure of what the awning will be like when in full use.

I like the idea of making the awning into a little private room for myself. Can I do that?

Yes. You can make an awning into a private room for yourself by getting an upgrade. The upgrade includes enclosures for the front and sides of your awning.

  • EMAIL [email protected] if you would like to order one, there are lots of options to choose from and Shipping could be additional, as the shipping is calculated to commercial address’s not residential. We shop for he best methods that save you money, as our website only calculates Fedex and other you see as options, but we have better freight shippers with better rates.

I’m worried about the weight of the awning because I will be installing it by myself. Is that going to be a problem?

66 lbs. is the weight of the awning. You may need help getting it installed unless you have handled something of this size before and are sure you can handle it again.

So, I can get this to be motorized instead of human-powered?

You are correct. You can get the awning to be motorized instead of human powered. It is an upgrade you can get if you so desire.


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Weight 66 lbs
Dimensions 168 × 9 × 7 in

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