Ford Transit 350HD Dual Rear Alcoa Wheel Package 16×6


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Ford Transit 350HD Dual Rear Alcoa Wheel Package 16×6

Alcoa 16″ x 6″ Polished Rim 261801 & 261802 Hub-Pilot for a 350 Dual Style Ford Transit

Can you tell me exactly how many wheels I’m getting in this package?

You get two front aluminum polished wheels and two rear aluminum polished wheels.

Do you know the part numbers of those products, respectively?

The front wheels have the number 261801 and the rear wheels have the number 261802.

What are in the cover kits though? What can I expect to get in those?

You should be getting the following items in the cover kit. Four Alcoa hub covers, 24 Alcoa 1 1/16″ hex nuts with collars, and 24 Alcoa chrome lug nut covers.

What’s the part number of the hub covers?

The number we have is 024000.

What about the Alcoa chrome lug nut covers?

The number that they have is 001901.

What are the specs of the wheels?

They are 6-hole, 138.8mm bore, hub piloted dual-mounting two piece flange nut, and have a 180 bolt circle.

How much do they weight individually before they are installed and inflated?

They weight 18 lbs each.

What’s the max load and inflation level?

They can handle 2065 lbs and 69 psi. Please keep in mind this does not increase the amount of weight your rig can carry.

What is the wheel outset of these wheels?

The wheel outset as told to us by the manufacturer is 124mm.

What about the wheel inset?

The wheel inset we were told by the manufacturer is 110mm.

What is the installed valve stem?

It is TR553C.

I assume these would have some kind of warranty then, right?

Yes. They carry a 10-year warranty. However, you would be dealing with the manufacturer as they are the ones supplying the warranty on these wheels.

Do you know which vehicles these wheels will fit? Do you have a list?

See the list below:

  • 2016 Ford 350 Dual Transit Van
  • 2017 Ford 350 Dual Transit Van


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Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 18 in