Ford Transit Van 3KW Diesel Generator


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3KW Diesel Generator for a Ford Transit Van *

Does this come with a remote radiator fill tank?

Yes. The generator will come with a remote radiator fill tank.


Does this have some sort of internal cooling method?

We were told that there is an internal blower fan. The fan has its own fan guards as well.

It looks like this thing hangs down from my van. How does that work if I’m going through puddles and mud? Is it going to get damaged by those things? Is it able to take those kinds of elements?

The manufacturer gave this item a corrosion resistant paint and a polyester powder coat. These two things should help this generator have a measure of weather resistant. Obviously, you should try not to submerge this item if at all possible. There are no designations that say how well this part will resist water.

Alright, so if this does hang down from the backend of my Transit then how is it going to handle things like bumps. Is it going to get all shaken around and jostled? I’d imagine that would be pretty bad for this thing.

The manufacturer says that it created this product with mounting brackets that are “vibration isolated”. We cannot, scientifically, tell you how much of a bump or vibration this allows the unit to take but we can tell you that that fact was considered. You should have some resistance to bumps and vibrations coming from unexpected rough roads.

I’m having trouble figuring out what kind of generator this is by looking at it. Maybe you can help me. Can you tell me what generator this is or what kind it is?

The information we have says that this generator is a brushless belt driven generator.

I saw something about a waiting list and availability. What can you tell me about that? Is there a waitlist?

There is a waitlist, at times, for this product. The best thing to do, honestly, is to order this product if you know that you really want it. If you do that then you will be guaranteed a spot while others have to wait and hope that there were not too many advance orders. If you want one when as soon as it is available then you should not hesitate.

Does this have a circuit breaker? If it does then what do you know about it? What kind of information do you have?

The manufacturer told us that the circuit breaker is a 30 AMP main line set mounted circuit breaker. Therefore, it does exist on this product.

I’ve heard that the starter motor and the fuel pump are both 12VDC. Can you confirm that for me?

Yes. The materials we received about the fuel pump and the starter motor say that they are both 12VDC.

Is there anywhere else this product can go? I’m not sure I’m comfortable with where it sits as is on your site.

Unfortunately, we are unaware of another configuration for this unit other than the placement below the chassis of your Transit van.

Ok, well, then isn’t it going to have problems over low barriers like speed bumps and such?

We do not have a lot of information about this fact, however, since that it is highly likely that you would encounter a speed bump when driving, it is probably not too much of stretch to assume that they have thought of this problem. We cannot confirm or deny whether or not they have done this though. We do know that it does remove some clearance from the backend that you would usually have under normal circumstances.

Are there any certifications this product has or is in the process of getting?

It holds an EPA Certified Tier 4 designation. The generator has a certification from CARB. It was also awarded an EPA Certified Tier 4 classification.

I’ve seen information that might suggest that the oil filter might be reusable. Is there any truth to that rumor?

It does have a reusable oil filter. It is called a “reusable screen type oil filter.

Is it an in-line fuel filter?

Yes. You are correct. It is an in-line filter according to the materials we have on hand.

What about the air cleaner?

It is a dry type air cleaner according to the information we have on hand.

I need to be careful about how much weight I add to my Transit. Do you know how much this thing weighs?

The generator weighs 260 lbs. It is smart to give yourself a bit more wiggle room just in case. However, 260 lbs is the official weight from the manufacturer.

I’m curious how the fuel consumption numbers work out. Do you have any information about that at all?

The fuel consumption has the following metrics, according to the manufacturer, .22 GPH at full load and .10 GPH at half load.

Do you know anything about how this activates? Is there a series of button presses, a lever, what?

There is a stop switch. There is a light to indicate what kind of condition this product is in at the current time. Finally, the manufacturer says that this is a single touch start system.

Does it produce an alternating current?

The information we have says that the generator does create an alternating current.

I assume this thing has an exhaust. Is that true?

It does have an exhaust. The exhaust is a stainless steel exhaust flex. It also has a critical exhaust silencer.

I need a generator putting out around 120VAC to 240VAC?

Perfect. The information we have says that this does put out around 120VAC to 240VAC.

I hear this has indirect injection. Is that true?

The product does have indirect injection, in fact..

If this thing is an engine then does it have a cylinder? If it does then how many cylinders does it have?

The product has one single diesel cylinder.

What kind of controller should I expect to see if I get this product?

You should expect it to have an ECU controller.

What is the official power output of this generator?

3,000W is what we were told.

Are there safety measures built into this system? If it gets too hot or something?

The generator will shut itself down if it finds that there is low oil pressure or a temperature that is too high.

I’ve heard that this makes use of a single side service, is that true?

Yes. The product has a single side service. You are correct.


* Expect a 42-48 month ETA – Lead time.


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Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 36 × 36 in