Ford Transit Rear Sway Bars




Ford Transit Rear Sway Bar for Stock Height Vehicles by Hellwig®.

Quantity: 1 per pack.

Each application effectively reduces side-to-side body roll around turns, enhances tire grip, and optimizes vehicle stability at higher speeds. Balanced for neutral steering and precise turn-in response, all sway bars come with durable polyurethane bushings that resist unwanted squish or decay. Crafted from solid Chromoly steel for the highest rigidity, both ends feature mounting holes at sway bar ends that can be used to vary stiffness level. Includes mounting brackets, end links, and related hardware.

Finish: Heat Treated Chromoly
Sway Bar Profile: Solid
Sway Bar Diameter: 1.375″

Designed to provide optimum performance on lowered vehicles as well as lifted trucks with a higher center of gravity
Reduces side-to-side body roll around turns, enhances tire grip and optimizes stability at higher speeds
Crafted from chrome moly steel that matches the strength of traditional steel with lighter weight
Solid steel construction offers the highest rigidity on the market, with an average tensile bending resistance of 170,000 psi
Powder coat finish resists corrosion, chips, and scratches better than paint
Includes durable polyurethane bushings that resist deterioration, cracking, and drying out under extreme use
Also includes mounting brackets, end links (if applicable), and related hardware
Flattened ends provide a superior mounting surface
Specifically sized and tuned for the layout of your make and model’s suspension
Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
Manufactured in the United States
Easy installation with no drilling required

Hellwig Sway Bars for lowered vehicles and lifted trucks provide beefed up the strength to keep you riding stable at any speed on the pavement, and they provide adjustment of roll stiffness with three mounting holes on each end. Set the bar to maintain normal stiffness, or use different mounting points to increase rigidity and keep body roll at an extreme minimum. Chrome molybdenum steel (also known as “chrome moly”) is used in the construction of Hellwig sway bars. Chrome moly blend of iron, chromium, and molybdenum produces a closer-grained metal than traditional steel. Because these bars are crafted from solid steel, they possess greater strength from an equal amount of material. In fact, each bar leaves the factory with a tensile strength rating of 170,000 psi – much higher than products from competitors.

With Hellwig sway bars created for optimum performance at non-stock ride heights, you’ll benefit from designs that are specifically sized for your make and model. They will not interfere with your suspension’s ride quality under normal driving conditions and are a perfect way to complement performance enhancements such as plus-sized tires and wheels. An outer finish of powder coat is applied for show car looks, durability, and corrosion protection. And to ensure sway bars keep your suspension properly positioned, Hellwig uses polyurethane bushings because they are more resilient and resist compression better than rubber. Grip-robbing body lean and weight transfer caused by squishy bushings are eliminated.

Hellwig’s® history began in 1941 with a patent Rudy Hellwig had been granted for an overload spring design he had developed and perfected. Hammering out the springs by hand in a rented blacksmith shop in Kansas, Rudy moved to California after the end of World War II steel rationing made materials more widely available. Founding Hellwig Products in 1946 out of Glendale, California, Rudy began manufacturing springs that restored ride height, stability, and control to trucks and campers weighed down with heavy cargo. Rudy’s philosophy was to build products that exceed a customer’s expectations in both performance and durability, and his business practices of taking care of customers after a sale quickly built the company a positive reputation. After a 1963 Hot Rod Magazine feature showed how effectively Hellwig adjustable stabilizers eliminated handling problems inherent in stock Chevrolet Corvair suspensions, word of the company’s products spread. In the late 1960s, Hellwig expanded and relocated to their current headquarters in Visalia, California. Hellwig remains a family-owned business with a 4th generation actively and passionately involved today and looks to the future with the excitement of developing and refining products for an ever-changing market.

Warranty Information

Hellwig Products Company, Inc., give you, the original retail consumer, Hellwig warranty that each new Hellwig product of Hellwig manufacture shall be free from defects of material and workmanship as set forth in this limited warranty. Length of coverage: Except as provided below Hellwig offers the following warranty durations by-products. (A) Hellwig steel spring and sway bar products and their components are warranted for the normal life of the vehicle these products are originally installed upon. (B) Hellwig Air Suspension systems, air sleeves, air bellows and air compressor systems are warranted for two years from the original purchase date. This extends only to the product installed on the original vehicle.

Additional information

Ford Transit Type

Transit 150, Transit 250, Transit 350

Transit Wheel Type

Single Rear Wheel, Dual Rear Wheel (Dually)

Factory Sway Bar

HAS a Factory Sway bar installed, DOES NOT HAVE a Factory Sway bar installed


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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 20 × 3 in