Half Slider + Screen Quarter Panel Window for Sprinter Vans | 07-19




Half Slider + Screen Quarter Panel Window for Sprinter Vans

This window fits all Sprinter vans made after 2007. This includes both the 2500 and the 3500 versions. 

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Could you go over how to install this thing? Am I going to have to cut holes into my Sprinter van?

sprinter van window

The process does involve cutting into your Sprinter van. Fortunately, you have the metal stamp from the manufacturer to follow. It will look similar to the photo to the right or above this sentence depending if you are on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop device. You only have to follow where the inner metal ends. If you do it correctly then that will act as your template for cutting space to fit the window into the area. We do have to admit there is a confusing part of the instructions where it says, “your Sprinter may have multiple upright”. We are unsure what it means by upright but it does say that you will have to cut those out along with the rest of it the area where the window will go. We have included a photo that may help you to figure out where to cut and what the “upright” might be when you start working on installing this window. It should be to the right or above these sentences. Keep in mind this photo is for reference only and may not be representative of your Sprinter or the area you may have to cut.

That’s great but I already had a window from when I bought the thing but I want to switch over. What’s the process to do that?

Factory windows are usually glued into place. If they are then you will probably have to have a professional remove it for you. The manufacturer recommends using a wire cutter. You get the window out and then you will notice urethane around where the window used to be. You want to get rid of as much of this as possible because you will be replacing it with urethane later. Make sure to clean out the urethane to the best of your ability.

Ok, I get it. What do I do after I get this window out of my Sprinter?

The first thing to do is to get rubbing alcohol and clean the areas where the urethane was located. You want this as clean as possible. The rubbing alcohol will remove the remaining urethane, as long as you did a good job of getting rid of it during the first pass, and anything else that could contaminate the area. Use rubbing alcohol to clean the window of any remaining urethane and possible contaminants. Now you are ready to apply the urethane primer. Be sure to leave 1/2″ of space as the urethane will spread. You do not want to have the extra urethane all over the area. If you do then it will make it very difficult to clean and could cause gaps where moisture can collect. You should be as precise as possible to give yourself the best chance at getting a good seal later when the window is fully installed.

Doesn’t primer need to sit for a while before I can move on?

Yes. You should wait at least ten minutes before you try to install the window and the new urethane.

I’m not very good at squeezing things and being accurate. Any tips on how to keep this relatively clean?

The urethane should come with a v-notch that should make it easier to control according to what the manufacturer told us. It also will allow you to apply a good amount of the product at the same time. Keep in mind that you should use the product as evenly as you can to avoid making gaps or inconsistencies. The fewer mistakes you make the less likely that you are going to have problems with moisture and dirt later.

Let’s say I run out of product in one and have to switch to another… What do I do to make sure that I don’t make things uneven?

The manufacturer recommends overlapping the product just slightly so that you lessen the chance there will be a gap between where you stopped and started.

What if I don’t get it quite right after putting in my window?

The manufacturer recommends that you jiggle the window around to get it in the right place. Give the window a good pat to make sure that the urethane has a good grip on the window once you have it in the way you want.

What holds it in place after I do that?

We were told that you should use window securing tape to hold it in place until everything dries.

How long does that process usually take?

It will take, at least, 24 hours for the window to dry appropriately. Once it is dry then you can remove the tape.

I can’t drive my van during that drying period?

You can, actually, drive your van after 3 hours of drying time. Keep in mind, that it probably should not be raining if you are planning to drive around when it is still drying. You have to leave the tape on during this point as well.

Speaking of water… How long do I have to wait before I can wash my van again?

72 hours is the amount of time we were told. 72 hours, at minimum, is the amount of time you should wait before washing your van.

Is this a legal amount of tint?

The rules vary around the United States. We cannot tell you if it is legal in your state. The best thing to do is to check your local government’s laws to see if 17% of tint is allowed. 17% is the amount of tint in these windows.

How will I know if this window fits my van?

This window fits all Sprinter vans made after 2007 with a 144″ wheelbase.


Additional information


Driver's Side, Passenger Side


144", 170"


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Weight 1500 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 100 in