Headlight LED Conversion Kit Set of 2


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Headlight Conversion Kit | Set of 2

How many am I getting for this price?

You will receive two headlight bulbs, not kits, with your order. One for either side of your Sprinter van.

I see the option to get a decoder with this item. What does that mean? Why would I need a decoder for my headlights?

What a decoder refers to in this case is an item that will store energy and release it at a rate which the lightbulb can use. It is an electrical capacitor to make things short. It helps the headlight conform with standards set forth for headlights in specific regions of the world where the item meets legal standards for use. We recommend checking your region’s laws before purchasing any lights.

In simple terms, a decoder extends the life of your lightbulb by storing a large amount of energy and releasing it slowly, rather than all at once.

So you said this helps it conform with standards like other headlights. How does that work?

The decoder is what makes the LED light behave in a way that is similar to other normal lights. LED lights have a low power draw so the electricity needs to be managed so that it will conform to current vehicle standards.

Why would I need this for my headlights?

The decoder helps the light bulb mimic the way that normal lights work because LED lights tend to have a very low power draw.

I see… Well, what kind of warranty do these things have if something goes wrong?

The item comes with a 2-year guarantee.

What kind of functions do these lights have?

They have a dual high and low function.

How many pieces come with this kit?

16 pieces come with this kit.

I’ve heard, in the past, that LED lights to disperse themselves differently than normal lights… Is that true?

It is true for the most part, however, these were made to mimic their halogen bulb counterparts. Therefore, the dispersal pattern is the same or at least as close as one can physically get to using conventional lights.

Aren’t led lights super bright? Aren’t I going to cause problems if I drive around with these things active on the streets?

There is an anti-glare component built-in and they are designed not to blind oncoming drivers.

Ok, so this thing is pulling energy. Wouldn’t that be a problem with heat? Is there something built into the system that helps dissipate this problem with heat?

Yes, the manufacturer has built-in an aluminum heat sink to help deal with any heat build-up.

Speaking of heat… Do you know how any usage rates things thing gets in medium to low-temp hot weather?

The manufacturer has said this light will last 30,000 in 25 degree Celsius weather or 77-degree Fahrenheit weather.

Does this thing have a fan? If it does then is it an annoying fan sound?

The light has actually forgone the use of a fan. You will not find a fan noise associated with this item.

Where can I use this light?

The light is best used for the headlamp, a daytime running light, or fog light.

I’ve heard rumors this thing is water-proof. Is that true?

It holds a rating of IP65. However, it is most accurate to say that it is water-resistant. You should still avoid long exposures to water when and if possible.

What is the voltage and wattage of this thing?

The voltage is 12V to 24V and the wattage is 25W.

How easy is this to install?

The manufacturer says that this is a plug and play installation. It should be fairly easy to install based on this information.


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With Decoder, W/O Decoder

Bulb Size

H4, H13, 9003, 9004, 9007, 9008, H7


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