2007-2018 Sprinter Van Lighted Power Running Board System


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Sprinter Van Lighted Power Automatic Retracting Running Board Systems | Driver and Passenger Side | 2007-2018

This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans made after 2007. This includes both the 2500 and 3500 versions. 

Note: We will call you after your purchase to confirm we are sending you the correct product. 

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Compatibility: Sprinter Vans made between 2007-2019 (2500 & 3500)

Wheelbase: This product is compatible with both the 144″ and the 170″ wheelbase

Side: You will receive a passenger side running board. Driver side running boards are available, email [email protected] if you’d like a driver side running board.

Load Rating: 450 lbs

Width: 6.5″

How low does this actually make my step?

These will lower your step height to the equivalent to half what you would have to climb if you had a factory-installed running board.

Does this actually have an LED lighting system installed with it?

Yes. It is one of the key features and can really help you because it is not always easy to see where you should step or where not to place your shin when it is very dark outside.

lighted running board side view

Where does the drop board go when not in use? I assume that it hides somewhere?

Yes. We were told that this board will hide underneath the body of your van.

So, if it’s hidden then is it going to get caught on running boards?

We were told that this design helps it avoid getting caught on objects that you might hit and it maintains your ground clearance.

Is there a solution for both sides of my van? Does it work on either side?

Yes. You can get this product for both sides of your vehicle or either side of your vehicle. You have a driver and passenger option available.

Sprinter van lighted running board establishing shot deployed

How fast can I get this thing to come out of my vehicle? Sometimes my passengers get ahead of me but still need help getting up into the sprinter. How fast does the step fold out?

The unit will deploy itself in under two seconds. Please note that we do not recommend deploying the unit with someone directly in front of the unit. You should always give it some room to unfold fully.

Speaking of that, is there some kind of mechanism to make sure I don’t hurt myself. Like get crushed or something?

The manufacturer says that they have a “state of the art anti-pinch safety feature” built into the product to make sure that you do not have problems such as the one you mentioned.

What is the weight limit of these running boards?

The load rating of these running boards is 450 lbs.

Do you have dimensions for how deep this step actually is?

Yes. It is a running board that is 6.5 inches deep.

I like this step but I think it might be useless if there isn’t some kind of grip tape or something on the step. Is there?

Yes. It includes a textured surface that is non-skid for safety reasons. It should help you not slip when you are entering or exiting the vehicle.

Does this product have any kind of warranty?

Yes. The manufacturer is providing a three-year warranty for this product.

What years of Sprinter vans is this lighted running board compatible with?

It will fit Sprinter vans that are 2007 through current models.


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Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 78 × 18 × 15 in